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Friday, January 25, 2008

Jamie, the Aussie genius, connected a loose synapse in my brain with this Faux News bit:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday the challenges facing Colombia will only get harder if a trade deal with Washington doesn't pass, as she met with union members during a visit to try to revive the pact. The union members want regulations and restrictions in the USA removed from some of their goods, specifically, cocaine.

As many stupid things as the Give-mint does with OUR money, if everyone is so exercised about drug use, why doesn't Washington just buy up all of the cocaine? Corner the market. Then they could do what they might as well do with the rest of our tax dollars: incinerate the drug. OR, they could set up "clinics" to administer the stuff to Those In Need of it.

For a nominal fee. Very nominal, so that there is no way to recoup the cost. That would be par.

The FDA could re-define "Vitamin C" to "Vitamin Cocaine", and use it as a breakfast cereal additive. It would be some improvement on all that sugar, and having more "vitamins" would make parents feel better about feeding their kids the junk, instead of "have-it-all" Mom staying home and actually cooking food for the li'l darlin's. Maybe the coke could help Johnny focus a bit more, and he wouldn't need his Ritalin.

Might be a good idea to actually follow the serving sizes, though.

Perhaps administer it to Bernanke and the Fed yes-men, you know, to stimulate actual thought.

Give Jorge Dubya a brimmin' bowl of Capn' Crunch before the State of the Union, and you'd have a Pay-Per-View event.


Anonymous said...

instead of "have-it-all" Mom staying home and actually cooking food for the li'l darlin's.

Seriously Aardvark,
Even if I was a stay at home mom I would not cook breakfast. Lunch, afternoon snack & dinner. Oh yea.. especially since it would be a great excuse to teach the li'l darlins how to build a campfire... But breakfast - let's just say I think it is highly overrated. I'd rather sleep. :o(

On topic, as a libertarian... well, I only ask, "why should I get to tell others what is best for them? Won't that lead to them thinking they can decide what is best for me? Even if I disagree with them?" [ blank stare ] - quickly followed by morally superior thoughts of various types.

The Aardvark said...


I'm willing to bet you are not what I am talking about.

Please don't make me say that this was sarcasm.

It would make me sad.
"why should I get to tell others what is best for them?"

Because it probably is. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Umm... sarcasm... what's that? :oP

Even if it is what's best for them... Let me reference 2 songs.

Billy Joel - "My mistakes are the only things I can truly call my own."

Caedman's Call - "You can lead a horse to water, and you can even make him drink. But you can't change his point of view."

I guess I'm just not cut out to be a busybody. :o(

The Aardvark said...

I'm sorry, hon...busybody?


I'm not gettin' it.

(I'm coming off of a major case of job burnout, and I'm not firing on all thrusters.)

Anonymous said...

The busybody comment was directed at the War on Drugs crazyness. That's why the "On Topic" point before the libertarian question.

Besides, if I get to tell others what to do... doesn't that make me responsible for their actions in some way?
Kind of like: "why did you tie the firecracker to the cat's tail & light it?"
Answer: "You didn't tell me not to?"

Not that I think you were saying I am a busybody, or that I was saying you were one... Oh great, now I'm coming down off my Monster Dr. Pepper with lunch buzz. I fear I am not making much sense here. But maybe that clears it up a little for ya...