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Monday, January 14, 2008

I have a terrible suspicion.

The Ron Paul nutcases, like the Truthers, and the amazingly crude New Hampshire crowd are not true supporters, but are moles from other groups sent to destroy Paul's appeal.

Yeah, sometimes the Aardvark isn't the sharpest knife....It's just my inclination is to take people, oh, at their word. Some years back a friend tried to recruit the Aardvark to run for State House. One problem: I needed to run on the Democrat ticket, because "that was the only way for someone to get in". I couldn't do it, couldn't be a stealth Republican.

Though apparently the "R" party is filled with not-so-stealth Democrats.

So I guess we true Ron Paulites must redouble our efforts.

And kick the phonies where it hurts.


MacLaren said...

I'm not sure about that.

I think the New Hampshire craziness represents a massive groundswell of frustration... it just happened to form around Paul.

As for the polite Paulites, like us, who just want freedom and a fair shake... you're right. We'll just have to be extra nice.

Until they come to our doors to take our guns and children.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the crazy's in Paul's movement. When you have 30 and 40 year old CEOs standing next to wacked out 9-11 Truthers wearing Rosy wz Right!!! T-shirts... you may be on to something.

I also think it shows that what attracts people to RP is not the man, it is the message. Ideas have value, they have a life of their own. Ideas may be dangerous - Communism, Fascisim, Theocracy - but ideas can also be radically liberating - Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, Individual Liberty.

Bring on the crazies! They make me look sane. :o)

The Aardvark said...

CD - Perhaps our definitions of "crazies" aren't congruent. I am not interested in The Tapioca Candidate. Paul's ideas are epic, and attractive to a broad spectrum. My issue is with the abusive jerks who, no matter how deserved their bile, do nothing to help Paul's image, and who may well be injuring it.

Of course, Ron Paul could walk on water, and end poverty, and STILL the MSM would hate him.

As to the crazies making you look sane...wellll....


Rigel Kent said...

Actually they would hate him more, for the reasons you list Aardvark.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not restricted to just RP supporters. There are uncouth, rude, and all around nasty folks behind every candidate. However, none of them will ever be mentioned in the MSM. Remember, whatever they can do to make RP look bad, they will do.

Sociey in general has become less civilized. It is rediculous to pretend that only RP has rude supporters.

This is not to excuse the childish behavior. These individuals may not know how to behave... chasing Sean Hannity and throwing snowballs at him was juvenile. But those were mostly college kids.

My greater concern is not how they behave now, but how they will behave when things get really bad. I don't know if they know, learned or have heard that it took a McGovern to get Reagan elected. I just don't know what to expect in the days, months, and years ahead.

The Aardvark said...

C'mon, CD, you are confusing my focus with exclusion. I know that there are awful people in all the camps. Heck, all of the Hilldebeast's supporters are awful, even if they say "please, Ma'am" when asking for pie.

I'm just not interested in any of the rest.

Frankly, I'm doing well to maintain interest in Ron Paul. I love him...it's just the whole political arena. I'm fifty, and burned out. I have seen my country fall from an amazing height
in my lifetime. It's too depressing sometimes.
RP gives me a modicum of hope.

"Remember, whatever they can do to make RP look bad, they will do."

Truer words, CD. Absolutely correct.

I believe that the Demublican party has created Paul and his crew. (Not that they "made" him, no.) By being completely self-absorbed and un-responsive to the pee-pul, a man like Ron Paul HAD to arise.

Alan Keyes was the one in 2000, I believe it was. Sadly, he has become increasingly cranky and unelectable.

I'm working on an open letter to Limbaugh.
His naysaying has done more to damage Paul, not to mention the FairTax. When a maven like Rush says "He's unelectable" or "It'll never pass", it carries consequences.

Shucks, the guns arrayed against Dr. Congressman Paul are enough to make you have to stand with him.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I didn't mean to be argumentative. And sometimes I am easily confused. As was the case with your post. :o)

"it's just the whole political arena. I'm fifty, and burned out. I have seen my country fall from an amazing height
in my lifetime. It's too depressing sometimes.
RP gives me a modicum of hope."

Unfortunatly, I'm in my early 30's and have not seen much greatness in our nation. I have only watched it slowly become more socialist and imperialistic. I have no doubt that RP will have to run as a 3rd party candidate or not at all.

Good luck with that letter to Limpaugh. He and the other shills like Sean Hannity and Neal Bortz have lost touch with what is going on with real people. And, for better or worse, it seems that their greatest downfall is that they really do believe that we as a nation must continue the GWOT.

They are more than likely in that 120 to 140 IQ range that thinks they are really, really smart... but they have shut off that part of their brain that takes in "other" information than the authoritative and acceptable.

I think I am starting to ramble... so I shall seek out more coffee and end this post. Again, I did confuse your focus for exclusion, so please forgive me for my misunderstanding. :o)

The Aardvark said...

You are graciously forgiven.
Magnanimously, even.
...and humbly. Don't forget humbly.