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Friday, September 16, 2016

Blivets by the bloviating....

The question is, do all of the oil arm-flailers want to keep their transportation, or keep mass transit, or any industrial production, or agricultural production?
It ALL requires petroleum products. You don't stop the basis of your industrial economy without having replacements in place.

Allow me to posit that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are in fact NOT the classic "bleeding heart liberals". The major difference is "heart". The "bleeding heart", whether you agree with them or not, operated from real concern for the objects of their exsanguination. They wanted to improve the lot of whatever group merited their concern.
The SJW, by my observation, exists to maintain a Narrative, and to make miserable the lives of those who disagree with that Narrative.

Hear what the Dread Dormomoo saith:
"Prestige is worthless if you don't get paid for it."
Here endeth the lesson.

SO angry.
Clearly I cannot vote for ANYONE this Presidential election, for NONE of them line up precisely with all of my beliefs, opinions, doctrines, or policies, eye color nor blood type.

If this was Camazotz, traffic would run a lot more smoothly.

The Noeru and we were talking last night. He is wistful for the days of the tinkers, the repair-men. The people who repair small appliances and tools to keep them usable, and not become landfill-fodder.
When I was a kid, we had a house-call TV repairman from Clio, SC hight "Rembert Pate". He was a stoop-shouldered, big guy with bad dentition, who would come late in the evening to fix the vertical flutter or whatever besieged your viewing pleasure. 8PM, and he was there with his enormous doctor's bag of tubes and frammistats, and likely as not, when he left, the old Admiral B&W set was right as rain again.
Now, sets are unfixable in such a way. A tragic end to a faithful fraternity of fix-it people.

I knew it was all over when Zenith brought out the solid-state "Works-in-a-Drawer".


I find it most reasonable to choose to disbelieve any pronouncement from inside the Beltway.

Weren't these in (old) Doctor Who?
Sure LOOK like it....

"The Doomsday Machine" is hands-down my favorite TOS episode, and I've seen "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"!



Please read precisely.
Vote for whom you wish, but if you decide to vote for Hillary Clinton as some sort of "message" or protest, then you are not a "conservative", and likely never were.
"Not voting" for that office would be the more effective protest.

"Ice Cube Shuts Down Donald Trump in Two Tweets"
Well, the campaign is clearly over.

OK. This is getting a bit much.
Today in our house we have talked (spoken) about various things. "The Martian" book. A specific electrician. A Kitchenaid mixer, and one other thing which I cannot recall.
Ads for each of these have since popped up on Facebook today.
These were not FB messages, or searches we have done.

Maybe it will give me an ad for the brand of foil I need for my new headgear.