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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Are Doctor Who Fans From Missouri?

 The horrible news is upon us. After months of online chatter, and endless articles and other reportage, the jury have arrived at their verdict.

Clara is still sticking around on Doctor Who. The Doctor's billboard-faced Companion who has caused so much fannish angst amongst Whovians is probably gonna be in the next season of Auntie Beeb's sci-fi classic. Will she-won't she arguments have been put to rest, maybe, by the UK's Mirror.


WHO fans have been arguing about Clara for awhile, now. The Impossible Girl has a big following, and as many detractors. You know, fandom. The upshot is that the fans believe that they know more about Doctor Who than Moffat and the other show-runners, or even the BBC itself. If you marathon all of the extant episodes from 1963 onward, you are an Expert, after all, and Understand These Things. (Whooaboos need not apply.)

Add in the online scuttlebutt, and you have a Masters in WHOology! The upshot is, fans who are not in the planning meetings think they know more than the planners.

My ham-fistedly clever analogy should be shrieking in your brain by now.

The Grand Jury in Ferguson met. They heard the evidence, data which were unknown and unavailable to the people on the street. They weighed the evidence of science, entry angles, videos, and myriad other details to which those not in the jury proceedings had no clue. The evidence against the policeman who shot Michael Brown was found wanting by the Grand Jury, despite a Democrat prosecutor, a Democrat mayor, and those on the street all crying for a lynching, figurative or no. Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown, was not found to be tryable. There was no case against him, despite the druthers of prosecutors, politicos, race-baiting "civil rights" activists, rabble-rousers from Chicago and such, and the people of Ferguson who cried for Justice, even if it was a justice based upon perjury by some of their number.

Justice was served by the Grand Jury, which the people on the street were not a part of. I suppose that there are dark mutterings of "White Science", "White Ballistics" and the like, because those are the shades with which the media, the politicians, and the agitators have painted the story. Wilson is free, and the peee-pul don't like it, the people who did not hear the testimonies, who either will not read the transcripts, or cannot. It doesn't matter. The evidence is in, and they don't care. They don't like Darren Wilson, and want him dead.

The BBC show-runners know "Who" better than we. They are privy to information which we do not have...things like story arcs, the direction the show is going, and WHY CLARA, ANYWAY? There will continue to be debates, tart Facebook postings, and the cameras will continue to roll until the next Thing for fans to agitate against.

Hopefully Wales will not burn when the next season is unveiled.