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Saturday, August 11, 2018

A congery of convivialities!

Not liking what someone says does not render it untrue.
It merely means that you do not like it.

It is significant that the historical creeds of the church make no mention of "The Rapture".

Here's yer conspiracy theory.
What is the Alex Jones ban
supposed to distract us from?

Who was forcing you
to listen to
Alex Jones,

Freedom of speech covers the palaver of John Birchers, Communists, Democrats, Republicans, even those who would advocate running around the pool, or yelling "FIRE!" at public gatherings.

(The latter two especially must then own the response to their advocacy.)


The use of "Conspiracy Theory" as a pejorative serves to shut down "the conversation". Deviate from The Narrative, and you will be gifted the redshirt of "conspiracy theorist".

Then you think
"Maybe Orwell should
not have written
some things.".

Two neologisms that twist my gut.

Anyone remember a '60s
sci-fi movie that referred to "lasser beams"
I think it was Italian.

My brain tonight
gives new meaning to

Limestone Co. officially
has black bears.
Mister Ranger's not going to like this....