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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Most Hated SF Intro

Star Cops.
Justin Hayward did the song.

Followed by the SECOND most hated theme.

And y'know? I like 'em both!

Friday, July 26, 2013


In other news, my sweet wife, The Dread Dormomoo, and I went on a date last night. (Keep an ear out for a Loud Trumpet...the fact that we made time to go out may be a portent of The End.)

We went to see "Pacific Rim". If I may make a mild suggestion:


It was quality film-making, with the barest minimum of bad language. Period. (I mean, it has Ron Perlman in it....)

It is the cleanest movie I have seen in forever. The writing is crisp, the visual effects are superb (You will believe giant monsters and giant robots can exist!) For them wot this is important to, there is no nudity, no sex, the only flowing juices come from badly injured monsters. For those who think violence IS pr0n, well, you're out of luck...go see Pippi Longstocking or summat.

If you are sensitive to LOUD, stuff cotton-wool in your shell-like.

Go see this movie. This is NOT a request! If you like SF, see it. If you like horror, see it. If you like Godzilla movies, SEE IT! If you like antagonists becoming buddies, see it. If loyalty and honor bring a tear to your eye, see it.

I hope that I am clear on this. SEE IT!!!

Then lobby Congress for funding to build Jaegers. You never know when you're gonna need a giant robot. It's for DEFENSE!!

(See how adroitly I steered this back to politics? Carry on!)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Weapon of Choice.

I have been wallowing in Japanese cinema goodness for a couple of days. Godzilla, Mothra. The greats. None of this lightweight Kurosawa stuff. Miyazaki might as well be animating "Homestuck". I'm talkin' REAL movies!

Watched "Godzilla Tokyo SOS" last night as I printed into the wee hours, and bar none, my favorite screen weapon is the venerable Maser Cannon that is always trundled out to face the Advancing Menace. It is not kept back to protect high-risk targets, no. It is in the front lines, ready to fry Godzilla with Microwave Death. Mmmmmm...extra crispy!

No-one considers the results of Attracting Attention From Something With Atomic Breath! The beam fires, Godzilla roars a bit, then his back plates glow and the atomic breath beam comes from his mouth. One shot, and the Maser Cannon looks like your kid's Lego collection all over his floor, just burnier. Really makes me wonder if the Maser Cannon Division should have red shirts.

...Or wear the outfits the kamikaze pilots wore. One fact is flat: If you roll forward in a Maser Tank, you are not coming back.

Perhaps something in red....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our President signs HIV testing Executive Order


Our President signs HIV testing Executive Order

Why would Our President, yours and mine, wish to have everyone from 16 to 65 tested for HIV?

"Because Obama wants to know who else he can screw and get away with it."

Now, for the person that said that, it is the equivalent of Billy Graham dropping an F-bomb during a sermon. This person is, shall we say, indignant over the Obamster's high-handed uppity political style. As am I. Jesus said in a different context:

"And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.". -- Matthew 24:12

We see the practical outworking of this in our nation. Those of us who remember the Reagan years recall that, while he was not perfect, it was a time when you were proud to be an American, you loved the You-Ess-of-AY, and displayed the flag proudly. The overt attempt seemed to be a desire to Do America Right, and try to play it by the rules. It took a lot of sorrier Presidents to wear that down, and now the overt lawlessness that Bush Jr. displayed with good ol' Texas charm, and that Obama flaunts on a daily basis has worn us down to daily kvetch-fests. We may still love America as a concept, but I for one do not love the nation as it stands and is run today. It is lawless, HE is lawless, and I do not love it or him.

The Tree of Liberty is wilted.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Poem, in Honor of The News, Politics, and the Martin/Zimmerman Stupidity

Red splashes on the whited walls
...screams in my head, or in my hands?
Pooling clots around my feet...

I laugh.

--By the Aardvark, his own self, because sometimes a picture of a unicorn just won't do.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Godzilla con was kaiju-riffic!

 Back from Chicagoland, so hail the conquering hero! We had a phenomenal convention. Kez Wilson and his son Zach were there, and Kez shared some of my table space for the sale of comics that he worked on in the past, and for doing collectors cards by request. He did several full "Herculoids" sets for people, as well as some other fan faves (like Princess Aura from the Filmation "Flash Gordon" series.)

We had a lot of new designs, some of which are pictured above, behind my own self. (Thanks to Jeff Bean Green  of the Kaiju Brothers for the picture.)

G-Fest is an odd convention. It is eminently family-friendly, and the dealer community is close-knit, all friendly, even if they are selling the same type of merchandise. I go to scads of anime conventions, and there is not the same camaraderie. Many times the anime cons are frenetic, with people almost desperately trying to have fun, to Do It All. Not so G-Fest, where it all seems a bit more laid back and comfortable. G-Fest is more like summer camp, just without Kum Ba Yah. I am happy that this convention has introduced me not only to all the neat people I have met, but also the neat movies I have seen. I was never a giant-monster fan as a kid (tho' probably from lack of exposure), but I am making up for it now. Is the genre cheesy? Certainly! Is it High Art? Nope. Is it all good fun? Oh my, yes!

Saturday night after the dealer room closed, Kez and I grabbed supper, then adjourned to my digs to see what kaiju offerings the con had running on the hotel channel. Lo, there was "The Green Slime", an absolute horror of a movie that we proceeded to MST3K with all our might! Hilarity ensued. Then, an oddball kaiju movie, "Daigoro vs. Goliath", about an overweight young monster being cared for by the government, but sadly, the funding has been cut, and so have his rations...until a space monster rears its ugly horned head. It is precisely as good as it sounds.

I must finish "Gamera: Guardian of the Universe" now.

Saturday, July 06, 2013


I wouldda won, I WOULDDA!

"The Squire of Gothos" is one of the standout episodes of Star Trek TOS.
I strongly suspect Trelane is a member of the "Q" Continuum.

Watching "I Saw What You Did". Saith the Dread Dormomoo:
"This movie has a little horror, and a lot of tedium"
That's why we love 'er!

The Seaview is just the SEXIEST sub ever!