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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well, here we are at Anime St. Louis, which is in Collinsville, IL. There is an enthusiastic crowd of otakus who are demonstrating their mania in part by buying our shirts. The Twilight fad is on the wane...at least until the next movie...but the polarization that we help foment, the dyspepsia the non-Twilight fan feels at the mention of scintilla-laden creatures-of-the-night is helped along by our small efforts: our "Vampires don't sparkle" shirts are still a big hit, along with "Team Alucard".

We are doing well here, as are the other two teams we have out at Anime Detour in MN, and KamiCon in Tuscaloosa, AL. We are set for MTAC in Nashville next weekend.

It is important to Belong. Being the loner can be an unenviable situation, so providing a fellowship of point-of-view is an asset. "He believes like I do." offers a sense of place, and uncomprehending their own motivations, they purchase, or join, or convert.

I am not trying to be cynical. People are motivated to do all that they do by their programming. They can choose alternative programming (see conversion), but normally people do not recognize the why of what they do. They merely do. And I go to the bank!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Evangelism as Lifeboat

Our preacher gave these projections yesterday:

5 years - Europe will be majority Muslim

`18 years - US will be majority Muslim

Evangelism is no longer merely an option for the church in America, sandwiched in amongst the youth retreats, church league games, and 'pot bless' dinner get-togethers. By 'evangelism, I mean disciple-making, not just leaving a newsprint tract on the lavatory at Wal-Mart or Waffle House, where it will rapidly turn into papier-mache. (Why do people leave tracts on top of the urinals? I sure don't want to collect reading matter from there!)

Muslims are not shy about their convert-making, and are not scattershot in their efforts. They target the underclass: prisoners, the poor, the disenfranchised (rather reminds me of Jesus' methods), sharing a vision of power and worth, of being on top when they are the majority, wielding Sharia to subjugate 'the man' who put them down. The jackleg theology of many black churches, misapplying the Exodus story to their own history of slavery from a century and a half ago, has prepared a backslidden group for assimilation by the adherents of Islam. White teens, privileged and spoiled, with no good roots in Biblical knowledge or history, are prime candidates for Muslim 'evangelists' They are offered discipline and meaning for their lives, along with a vision of a subjugated corrupt West.

The UK is almost gone. The combination of the rejection of the historic Christian faith, with the concomitant non-breeding of the European stock (sacrificing their potential progeny to the twin gods of Gaia and Selfishness), along with a kindergarten concept of 'fairness'; opening the door to unlimited immigration has torpedoed Merry Olde.

The U.S. is in moderately better shape, hence the longer time-frame. The left/Gaia/tree-hugger crowd are talking themselves out of breeding, but the evangelicals and other theologically conservative Bible-believers are breeding more. The homeschoolers are just wacko about it!. The Dread Dormomoo and I had four children, doubling our replacement, and people thought we were out of control.("You DO know what causes that, right?"), as did her parents. Six and eight kids is not unusual for believing homeschool parents; generally being good at reading comprehension, they take "be fruitful and multiply" to be a given in the Christian life. "The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof" is an article of faith; it forms the basis of my own views of stewardship of our lovely ball of mud. That the Christian faith is the most potent defense against the predations of Islam Extreme
TM is also a given; mere reproduction is not the key. We must do other things, harder things, less-fun-things than making new children. We must make disciples, teaching our zombie neighbors, the dead-in-sin-but-walking neighbors the life-giving Gospel, Not just John 3:16 amd Acts 2:38, but also Matthew 5-7...teaching them day-by-day how to live the life, just like Jesus taught his disciples. That will result in more of God's kids in the country, who are taught to teach more disciples, so that we will be able to form a spiritual bulwark against the onslaught to come. I do not see an alternative, not one that will work. We must do this Jesus' way, or all will be lost. Do it His way, or break out the burqhas, and learn what dhimmi means.