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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your Fandom REALLY Annoys Me!

Spent the weekend with the Dread Dormomoo in Atlanta, at TIMEGATE, a con that reminded me of why I do not do SF cons anymore. It was originally a Doctor Who and Stargate fan con, but now The Doctor has shut everything else out,  which is the way of WHO-fandom. As much as I have enjoyed the Doctor in his various regenerations, Who-fandom quickly quells that joy, rendering it into dust and ashes, because the fandom cannot be content with itself; no, it must smear itself on every OTHER fan-thing as well.  Star Trek may not exist alone, no...we must materialise a TARDIS on the shuttlecraft deck. There is a shirt of a Stargate...with a TARDIS in it. There is a strong "WhoLock" fan presence, and well, the "SuperWhoLock" fandoms plumb the depths of "One of these things is NOT like the others.".

It is a peculiarity of the Who fandom that that EVERYTHING else must be painted or flavored by The Doctor and his adventures.

I await Fifty Shades of TARDIS Blue....


That said, here is my next shirt design: