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Thursday, December 29, 2005

As all you Aardvarkites know, I am a fan of the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Supermarionation shows like Supercar and Thunderbirds.
I am a member of an e-group celebrating "SUPERCAR", and on a chat last night (the 23rd) one of the members was kvetching about the "sexism" of these shows from the late 50s to the mid 60s.
Male crewmembers expressing amazement at the clever idea the young, beautiful Doctor of Space Medicine just came up with. (Never mind that she , in fact, WAS a Doctor of Space Medicine, who also made a mean cuppa Joe.) That kind of thing. This chat-er went on about how she couldn't enjoy the old puppet shows much because they were defining HER. It reminded me too much of the visitors to Vox Popoli.

Now, I was nice, and did not make wild pop-psych comments beyond "Are you still on medication?",
and "you care what...WOOD thinks about you?". God bless my fellow fan from OZ, she made me start thinking. As I compare male/female relations of today with those of the time of the offending TV shows, I come to a major conclusion: people were generally happier with each other back then... Men and women, in whatever "roles", were generally happier in themselves, and with each other, than they are today.

Nothing more earth-shattering than that.
Buoyed by a comment from Pablo, I must continue...

The Dread Dormomoo, being a woman, and my wife, and all, weighed in as I shared the topic with her. One thing which has NOT been discussed is that when men get together, they take potshots at one another, indulge in name-calling. Among men, this is a sign of acceptance, a verbal punch on the arm. If he accepts it, he gains acceptance in the group, because he has proven an ability to TAKE IT. It is an almost atavistic test that this member of The Group is not a wuss, and that he will be able to back me up in a fight.

When a woman joins The Group, the same dynamic applies. The teasing, the joking, the mild deprecating comments by the men, are all signs of acceptance and testing by the men.
If the woman rolls with the verbal punches, she is accepted. If she tears up, whines, or starts quoting Gloria Steinem...SHE LOSES.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas was a bounteous time...

Sunday Christmases are not my favorite...too many important things in a day.
I received the most wonderful Christmas present: I got to preach for the Sunday morning
service. Now, since the celebration of Jesus' birth is not apostolically taught in the New Testament, the churches of Christ as a rule do not celebrate it as a church holy day. Individual members and families have their own traditions, and are free to do as they will. Nonetheless, I preached the most Christmassy sermon ever at our congregation. I may put it up as an audio blog here.
The upshot: keep Christ, not just Christmas, the whole year through. It was well received, and apparently blessed some.

Before church, we got up, and began the festivities with coffee and stockings.
This has evolved over the years. The Dread Dormomoo and I invariably wound up "playing Santa" until the wee hours of Christmas morn, and would thus be reindeer-tired after an all-too-short winter's nap. The kids, when younger, were allowed to uncrate their stockings when they awoke. This allowed us to at least laze in the sack awhile longer, whilst we listened to their squeals and giggles of discovery. Stockings have always been VERY important to our celebrations. We would search for super-cool and groovy goodies for them, not just dimestore junk to fill the things. And there was NO orange in the toe!

My non-stocking list of acquisitions:

Polar Lights Klingon D7 Battlecruiser kit
Can of Macadamia nuts
CD: The Present by The Moody Blues
CD: Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds, SA version
DVD set: Rumpole of the Bailey starring Leo McKern
Book: Interior Desecrations by James Lileks.
A great 100% cotton blue sweater (yes, I'm REALLY happy about this.)
A pre-embargo Cuban cigar in a glass tube!!!

What a huge blessing!
I can hardly wait to see what the New Year has to offer...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

You are...Edmund. Thoughtful and philosophical, you
have made mistakes in the past but have
straightened things out and are now where you
need to be. You are content to be a wise
counsellor, rather than a great leader, though
you can be either if you must.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why isn't anything EASY?

Jobs used to be simple.
You work...then you don't.

Men were men, women were women.
Church taught you to be good.
TV didn't undo that...even when Frank Sinatra sang!

Dolls didn't look like Slutz.
Little girls didn't want to look like their dolls that look like Slutz.

Evil language was...evil.
Not "sophisticated", not accepted, except by people like that.

Laughing at aberrations was not aberrant.

Good was good, bad was bad.

Moderate meant temperate, morally acceptable.
This could go on...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"I do hope this was your last post.

It's a pity you stopped learning 20 years ago. I've been following the movement closely for the last 25 years because this resurgence of Nazism isn't going away because people ignore it.

Pride goes before a fall, and you are full of it."

This is what passes for gracious Christian conversation.

For a look at the issue, go here.

Again. It just got better overnight.
I want to find out something.
When did passive-aggressive behavior become acceptable in Christian circles?

When did ignoring Scriptural argument and evidences become the norm for Defending the Faith?

I truly do not understand at all.
I do suspect some things, however. My partner in the issue displays behavior that indicates the following:

He or she is a member of an independent church. Likely an indie Baptist group. I am casting no aspersions here.

The group has a very strong Remnant angle to their teaching.

He or she became offended at the outset when I spoke ill of "Left-Behind-ism".

The ISSUES are more important- attentionwise- than the Gospel. No effort was made to respond to my biblical comments biblically.


Did Lewis dabble in Things Occultic? Probably so. So have a lot of other people. As a callow yout, I did a bit of Ouija Boarding and suchlike. I have since repented, and become a Christian. Does this invalidate my testimony today? We none of us are pure, except as we stand in Christ.
I think that the world would give more credence to the Gospel if we were to spend less time pointing at others' deficiencies, and spend more time examining ourselves as we stand in Christ Jesus.
Sorry...I've got too many weird ideas.
Ok, fine...
The discussion at Vox Popoli has been "magic" in the Narnia books and movie.

My son Riatsila (read it backwards; it's not a New Age monicker) in his 18-year-old wisdom came up with this:

The "magic" is a fiction constructed for the book. There is no Pagan substructure for the magic in Narnia. It is a device used by Lewis for "getting things done" in the context of his fictional work.
J.K.Rowlings' "magic" in Harry Potter is much the same. If I were to read aloud the "spells" in the Potter books, precisely Nothing would happen- other than my feeling foolish if I were caught at it.

The authors are using a fictional concept of "magic" to move the plot along. It is the engine of the story. You Christians who are freaked out and panicking over The End Of Juvenile Fiction As We Know It, take a breath, take two Psalms, and relax for a moment. Think on this: The crowd that are preaching End-Time panic and fear over this next subtle move of the Antichrist to set us up for the Mark and the False Prophet, they are selling books, too. And tapes, and DVDs, and getting love offerings. The more worried you are, the more you buy, to keep up with the Truth of the Month Club. Follow the money, beloved!

Chill. Really. Look to Jesus Christ, rather than looking for the Antichrist.
Do you know of ONE single solitary soul who has SEEN someone make something happen with a "spell"? Seen it with your EYES? Not "my cousin's sister's gardener" or "I read it in a tract".

What were the things Jesus, and Peter, and Paul, and John were concerned about in the New Testament? Spend your time on those things. Don't be led into stupid superstition. It's a waste of your time, and God's. Feel free to correct me if I am being unScriptural. That's what "Comments" are for.

Monday, December 12, 2005

One more thing to be clear on...
NOWHERE does the Scripture even begin to intimate that if you read secular or fantasy works, or see a movie, that A DEMON WILL JUMP INTO YOU, or that you will LOSE YOUR SALVATION!

The Blood of Christ covers all sin.
The Holy Spirit dwells in me, and SEALS me, saying "This is GOD's man.".
Now I do not have license to sin, but I cannot begin to stretch the Scripture to say that seeing an edifying, decent, clean, heroic, movie extolling the virtues of loyalty and love is sinful.
Yes, it has a word in it called "magic".
The Apostle Paul read and quoted pagan authors of HIS day.

I'll repent as soon as he does.
I answered honestly. Really.
You may all giggle, now!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

BEST movie adaptation of a book I have EVER seen.
If only "A Wrinkle in Time" had been treated as well.

Take a hanky.
Even you guys.
ESPECIALLY you guys.
I've waited thirty years for this, endured the CTW/Episcopal Church animated version, Enjoyed-somewhat- the BBC/Wonderworks version. It was well worth the wait.

The theatre was FULL of kids. The 8-10 year-old mouthy types. Aside from a couple of well-placed and appropriate laughs, you could have heard a beaver's hair fall. Or a lion's.

Go see it. PLEASE!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

In case anyone has noticed a change in tone of late, a curmudgeonly turn of phrase, mayhap, there is a reason.

I can no longer suffer fools gladly.

I have tried for years to be Mr. Nice Guy, even to my own hurt. Grin and bear it.
No more. I am weary of accepting the avalanche of stupidity which vomits forth from so many.
I cannot nod smilingly while the guys in my head run around with "out to lunch" signs.
If you are being superstitious, I will not hesitate to let you know that you are being STOOO-PID!
If I tell you to leave me alone, and you do not, I will MAKE you WANT to leave me alone.

"Ooooh, that doesn't sound very KRIS-chun!"

Check out a couple of Jesus' "brood of vipers" riffs.
I speak the truth in love...
...just don't push me.
A very aware man once said:
"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.".

Thus, if you say s**t, then you're full of s**t.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You are a

Social Liberal
(61% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(76% permissive)

You are best described as a:


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mr. Dean, will that be cash or charge?

"Dean told San Antonio, Texas, radio station WOAI that "the idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong." He predicted the Democratic Party would come together on a proposal to withdraw National Guard and Reserve troops immediately, and all U.S. forces within two years." (Reuters)

Given Howie Dean's penchant for making inflammatory comments with no reprisals forthcoming, Americans need to write him a reality check. This Aardvark is convinced that Dean is now personally responsible for any and all murders and suicide bombings perpetrated by The Insurgency. Every American family who loses a loved one in Iraq by an Insurgent action from here on out should mail copies of the funeral and flower bills directly to the Democratic National Committee, attention Howard Dean.

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

202-863-8000 (Main number. Call for fax)

Will he pay? That's not the point. He must be shown the consequences of his blather, just like rubbing a puppy's nose in his 'accident'.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dec 2, 2005: Slingdot.com goes live!

SlingDot is a gaming community built around on-line casual gaming, chat, contests, cash and prizes. SlingDot features a Free Games section open to unlimited play for all gamers over the age of 12 and a members-only gaming area called the DotSpot. DotSpot membership is available Dec 15th and is only $4.95 a month or $29.95 a year. Full membership benefits include access to exclusive games, member contests, enhanced chat features, no advertising, and greater opportunities to win cash and prizes.

All levels of gamers earn Dots for their play. The better you are, the more you'll earn, and DotSpot members earn triple the Dots of free account players. Beginning Feb 1, 2005 Dots can be used to enter daily, weekly, and monthly drawings for cold hard cash. In coming months SlingDot will unveil many other benefits and personalization items that players can access using their Dots. And as the old saying goes - he who dies with the most Dots wins! How many Dots you got?

Dec 2 is a soft launch for the site with more features and games being added every day. Visit us, check the news area for upcoming additions, and share your thoughts with us. This is a gaming community, and the players will drive the look, feel, and feature set as this community grows. Our goal is to make your gaming experience the best it can be!

As a special introductory offer, all players get a 14 day free trial membership to the DotSpot, giving everyone access to the members-only games. Play them all, rack up Dots, and save them for the future.