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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why isn't anything EASY?

Jobs used to be simple.
You work...then you don't.

Men were men, women were women.
Church taught you to be good.
TV didn't undo that...even when Frank Sinatra sang!

Dolls didn't look like Slutz.
Little girls didn't want to look like their dolls that look like Slutz.

Evil language was...evil.
Not "sophisticated", not accepted, except by people like that.

Laughing at aberrations was not aberrant.

Good was good, bad was bad.

Moderate meant temperate, morally acceptable.
This could go on...


Pablo said...

Things were complex back then too but we remember them with the perspective of a child.

The Aardvark said...

Certainly there was complexity, but I believe that things were more black and white then- and not just the telly!- at least insofar as the culture maintained what Francis Schaeffer called "the Christian Concensus; whilst not everyone WAS Christian, the society largely hewed to Christian, or at least Biblically informed mores. That made the difference.