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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Buoyed by a comment from Pablo, I must continue...

The Dread Dormomoo, being a woman, and my wife, and all, weighed in as I shared the topic with her. One thing which has NOT been discussed is that when men get together, they take potshots at one another, indulge in name-calling. Among men, this is a sign of acceptance, a verbal punch on the arm. If he accepts it, he gains acceptance in the group, because he has proven an ability to TAKE IT. It is an almost atavistic test that this member of The Group is not a wuss, and that he will be able to back me up in a fight.

When a woman joins The Group, the same dynamic applies. The teasing, the joking, the mild deprecating comments by the men, are all signs of acceptance and testing by the men.
If the woman rolls with the verbal punches, she is accepted. If she tears up, whines, or starts quoting Gloria Steinem...SHE LOSES.

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