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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ok, fine...
The discussion at Vox Popoli has been "magic" in the Narnia books and movie.

My son Riatsila (read it backwards; it's not a New Age monicker) in his 18-year-old wisdom came up with this:

The "magic" is a fiction constructed for the book. There is no Pagan substructure for the magic in Narnia. It is a device used by Lewis for "getting things done" in the context of his fictional work.
J.K.Rowlings' "magic" in Harry Potter is much the same. If I were to read aloud the "spells" in the Potter books, precisely Nothing would happen- other than my feeling foolish if I were caught at it.

The authors are using a fictional concept of "magic" to move the plot along. It is the engine of the story. You Christians who are freaked out and panicking over The End Of Juvenile Fiction As We Know It, take a breath, take two Psalms, and relax for a moment. Think on this: The crowd that are preaching End-Time panic and fear over this next subtle move of the Antichrist to set us up for the Mark and the False Prophet, they are selling books, too. And tapes, and DVDs, and getting love offerings. The more worried you are, the more you buy, to keep up with the Truth of the Month Club. Follow the money, beloved!

Chill. Really. Look to Jesus Christ, rather than looking for the Antichrist.
Do you know of ONE single solitary soul who has SEEN someone make something happen with a "spell"? Seen it with your EYES? Not "my cousin's sister's gardener" or "I read it in a tract".

What were the things Jesus, and Peter, and Paul, and John were concerned about in the New Testament? Spend your time on those things. Don't be led into stupid superstition. It's a waste of your time, and God's. Feel free to correct me if I am being unScriptural. That's what "Comments" are for.

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