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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"I do hope this was your last post.

It's a pity you stopped learning 20 years ago. I've been following the movement closely for the last 25 years because this resurgence of Nazism isn't going away because people ignore it.

Pride goes before a fall, and you are full of it."

This is what passes for gracious Christian conversation.

For a look at the issue, go here.

Again. It just got better overnight.
I want to find out something.
When did passive-aggressive behavior become acceptable in Christian circles?

When did ignoring Scriptural argument and evidences become the norm for Defending the Faith?

I truly do not understand at all.
I do suspect some things, however. My partner in the issue displays behavior that indicates the following:

He or she is a member of an independent church. Likely an indie Baptist group. I am casting no aspersions here.

The group has a very strong Remnant angle to their teaching.

He or she became offended at the outset when I spoke ill of "Left-Behind-ism".

The ISSUES are more important- attentionwise- than the Gospel. No effort was made to respond to my biblical comments biblically.


Did Lewis dabble in Things Occultic? Probably so. So have a lot of other people. As a callow yout, I did a bit of Ouija Boarding and suchlike. I have since repented, and become a Christian. Does this invalidate my testimony today? We none of us are pure, except as we stand in Christ.
I think that the world would give more credence to the Gospel if we were to spend less time pointing at others' deficiencies, and spend more time examining ourselves as we stand in Christ Jesus.
Sorry...I've got too many weird ideas.

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