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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I shall be gone to Columbus, Ohio this week-end. Anime Punch is the reason. We shall be in the Dealer's room selling our most excellent tees and stuff, so come see us.

While you're here, don't be shy. Click on the little "comments" thingie and say what's on your mind. Meet the other folks who comment, and enjoy yourselves. Maybe leave a little blog fodder for me to write about later.

Have a grand week-end!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Allow me to posit that a majority of Conservatives and Libertarians are a gutless lot. Allow me to put it more plainly. They are cowards. They lack the courage of their convictions. Certainly it takes true daring to listen to talk radio, and perhaps to call in occasionally. It surely takes a spine of steel to blog from the safety of your home. Beyond that, though, their fortitude is not much in evidence.

Were I to attend a church where the preacher proceeded to ridicule me for believing the Scriptures, and the elders insisted upon turning my pockets out to get at the money and lint therein, and then went on to hire hookers with it to "spread the love of God", well, I would beat a hasty retreat, and were I to ever return, I would bring no money with me, even though the Scriptures say to be a cheerful giver. Why? Because they were taking my money, and using it in a manner not authorised by the Word of God.

I ask you, then, O Dittohead or Boortzite, when in their careers have your representatives represented YOU? When have they used the better part of the money extorted under threat of reprisal in a manner authorised by the Constitution? If the answer is "Rarely" or "Never", well, why do you continue to contribute? If you are a pro-life person, why do you support the government which supports the wanton murder of millions? If you disagree with the war, why then do you continue to fund it? If your concern is the sub rosa warfare being waged upon our nation by foreign insurgents from the South, why do you continue to subsidise the government which openly ignores the call of its own citizens to protect our own borders?

When have they kept their promises?

Governments are changed by either violent or subtle means. Starvation is far more subtle.
Why do you feed the beast? Why continue to feed the beast? Fear of reprisal?
It's OK. You can still turn on the radio and do your part, just like always.

See how much things have changed for the better already!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Got back from Gulfport MS last night, late. Riatsila and I went to CoastCon 29, the Little Con that Could. The Con Katrina Couldn't Kill.

Guys 'n' dolls, you done GOOD! We had Sharon Green at the con, author and Teller of Great Stories. Check out the CoastCon site for all the guests. Cynthia the Con Queen, Tex: Dealer Room Coordinator Extraordinaire, all the rest, all did an amazing job of putting this historic SF convention together in a month's time. It had frankly become moribund the last couple of years, but the predations of the hurricane stripped away the dross, and left a glittering pearl on the Gulf Coast. Well done. We did an amazing amount of biz. The fans had lost their collections of SF goodies, and descended hungrily upon the dealer's room. DVDs, t-shirts, toys, music, books...all things Fannish.

Oh....and Herb McCaulla was there, too. Hi Herb. Love ya!
The Case of the Murdered Minister

Where is Perry Mason when you need him? The woman who killed her preacher husband MAY be a victim of The Toxic Church. Now, your gentle Aardvark is also a communicant of the Church of Christ persuasion, and knows whereof he speaks.
The congregation where we fellowship is a very unusual one, where we strive to maintain unity where some significant differences of understanding exist; a very neat arrangement. I'm not talking doctrine-breaking selfism, just an understanding that we are all at different places on the continuum of faith to faith, and glory to glory. But the recent history of the Lord's church in general is marred with legalism, and haughty elitism, and thus establishes my thesis.

One of the earmarks of the Restoration Movement is the plea "to speak where the Bible speaks, and to be silent where the Bible is silent"; in other words, to insist upon a "thus saith the Lord" in all matters of faith and practise. Where this ideal is earnestly sought and apprehended, liberty and personal growth is assured. However, where mens' opinions are put forth, or their personal preferences or "druthers" hold sway, then oppression and legalism of the worst sort arise, the sort of church-splitting importances like whether to use one cup or many for communion, or the relative evils of Women in Pants. (Please don't laugh. Think of Trekkies, only arguing church polity rather than the Rules of Acquisition.)

One preacher put it thusly:
"We don't act like everybody else...we don't dress like everybody else...and that's just the way it is."

Ummm, overall, this is OK, except for the "
and that's just the way it is."
It isn't. Things in the church are to be "just the way God says it is". He is the First Cause. Not "Just". Just results in Opinion and Legalism, 'cuz "that's just the way it is". Just becomes the Final Arbiter. The Scripture teaches against Drunkenness.
"Just" says
"But if you don't take that first sip, you'll never have to worry about getting drunk."
Spoken from the pulpit, this carries the imprimatur of the Oracles of God, whereas it is merely an opinion, and (perhaps) good advice. Legalistic opinions box one in, and effectively shield against the freshets of the Spirit of God.

In a legalistic system, one can easily feel trapped.
If you cannot assuage your angst with a bit of the "wine which maketh glad the heart of man", or self-medicate with tobacco or even an OD of comfort food...ooooooh, gluttony....your choices diminish. The stigma of "the preacher's wife" going for therapy or taking anti-depressants, say, is one not easily borne. The Ministerial Family must be shiny and happy.

Now, I know NOTHING about this family, or the dynamics of its violent breaking.
I know that the husband was "popular", and that the police report that infidelity was not a motive, so I suspect that there is something "bent" in the wife's mind. Given the possibilities, I am deeply concerned that she was hemmed in by Opinion and "Justs". Not giving a pass for murder...just seeking a Reason for the unreasonable.

Tomorrow's headlines may blow the application to this sad family away, but the thesis remains. Perhaps even a Cruel Angel's Thesis. The freedom from sin and legalism which Jesus brings is precious. The Cruel Angel seeks to bring the Free back into Bondage. I hate him for it.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bat Boy (c) WWN
I am so incredibly thankful to live in such an age of Wisdom and Revelation. With the internet, at the click of a mouse I can command the Secrets of the Ages. I can find the long-buried TRUTHS we so desperately need to get us through these days of darkness:

  • Monogamy is a white mans' lie. The Truth lies in multiple wives. The Church has hidden this truth for 2000 years... just The Man stickin' it to the little guy.
  • Jesus taught reincarnation, (wink,wink, we know what "ye must be born again really means!) The Church hid this vital doctrine from the laity at the Council of Nicaeia in the 400's, so that the priesthood could keep control. Just The Man stickin' it to the little guy.
  • Jesus did not get crucified. Instead he married Mary of Magdala, and founded the Merovingian line. It must be true. Tom Hanks is starring in a movie about it.
  • Bat Boy enlisted to aid our troops during Shock and Awe, and quitted himself like a Hero!
  • Redbook and Cosmo reveal "Sex Secrets" in every issue. Where have they been hidden? Who kept these secrets, and why did they blab now?
  • Snopes.com is the Textus Receptus of all that is Important.
What an age in which we live.
I love the internet! I love our culture.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Does this disturb you as much as it does me?
Busy...with a DIFFERENCE!

Your humble Aardvark must awa' for the weekend. Some scheduling things came up, and I will be filling in at MomoCon in Atlanta this weekend. Sophomore year for the con. 10am-12pm Sat. and Sun. at Georgia Tech. Be there, and come see us in the Dealer's Room. Aardvark's Anime Commandos.

Pete, I see you peeking in here. Hi to Duchess and All!
You too, Pretty Lady. I'll be redoing the place here...putting in new vinyl seat covers... *snifffff*...
smell the summery wading-pool newness! Over THERE will be the chea...errr economically framed picture of Dogs Playing Poker. Never gets old, does it? (You know I love you!)

Happy and prosperous weekend to all!
VOX quotes Peggy Noonan today. In the comments, I write:

I'm really startin' to wonder myself if the black helicopter crowd have a point on this- ans I'm not washing Vox with the same rotor, here- that from primaries up, the choices have been made by The Machine, be it the CFR, Skull and Bones, the Jesuits or QVC, and that the National Elections are an elaborate dog-and-pony show, busywork to give the proles a sense of participation, and that all the decisions were made months or years before in the smoke-filled rooms. I'm not signing up to this YET, but my suspicions grow by the day.

Does it mean ANYTHING?
Does our vote mean anything anymore?
Is voting third party any more of "a waste" than voting for the other two?
... AND [Hammond organ sting] what about Naomi?


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The madness continues apace. I can understand how the core of a fission bomb feels.
We are getting an impossible amount of work in. This of course means that it WILL get done despite. It's fine. I am not complaining! This is a huge blessing, but I'll be REALLY happy to get an automatic press installed by summer.

And of course if YOU need tees printed, contact us via the weblink to the right. There is a quote page on our site.

Whist I'm here, let me tell you about this. I discovered Tortilla Blanco in Athens AL. This business is a corn and flour tortilla manufacturer on the north end of town...the Li'l Mexico and Li'l Guatemala end of town. It is also a taqueria, serving excellent take-out tacos, burritos, and such.
It is run by a couple of Anglos, and is as authentic as can be.

It's kind of like the question of why some of the best Italian places are run by Greeks.
An example is the late lamented Saks Pizza in Myrtle Beach. Back in the early 80's, we would live there after work- I managed "Dr. Feelgood's Old Time Photos". Everything at Saks was homemade, fresh cut, and perfect. The lot of us would decide we were hungry, so we would "go to have group Saks". Utterly wonderful. And run by Greeks. So there you go.

I so miss having Saks.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

...but why are you doing it?

The "random act kindness" concept was kind of neat, but sad, too, in a self-limiting kind of way, rather like the Boy Scout business of "do a Good Deed daily". Is there not sufficient need or opportunity to do more than merely one? ( This reminds me of a virtually unknown cartoon from Terrytoons, "Good Deed Daly", a happy little Boy Scout from 1955. This is virtually all to be found online about it. Good deeds, even with Unintended Consequences, are apparently poor cartoon fare) Perhaps the good feelings one has upon Doing such a Deed will encourage one to do another, then another, until your whole day is spent satisfy the Good Deed jones one develops. "C'mon lady, lemme mow your lawn again..you KNOW I'm good for it!"

Motivation comes into the picture. Paul says in Romans that if you do good to your enemy, you heap coals of fire on his head. However, this is a result; it is not intended to be the motivation: "Here is a cup of cold water in Jesus' name...feel the BURN, jerk."

Perception is another thing. One thing I have noted before is that passive-aggressive behavior has become
de rigueur in the Christian community. I can't hit you, but by goo I can sure annoy you. Unfortunately, this colors the whole spectrum of good deeds done by a believer. I have noted in some blog comment threads elsewhere that when Bible-believers and non-believers get at loggerheads over Issues such as abortion or Intelligent Design, after things heat up, often the believer says summat like "This is really getting us nowhere. I'll pray for you." Now, nine times out of ten, this is likely a sincere statement of intent, that I shall intercede with the Almighty for good things for you, or for clarity of thought. But the perception is: "I'm SO over you, better than you, and Jesus may love you, but he doesn't like you very much!". Unfortunately from what I see in the Blog-o-VerseTM
and in REAL life, the perception may not be far off the mark at times.

Some things come to mind: first, the Scripture says: let not your good be evil spoken of. Consciously avoid even the perception of emotional taint. As far as is possible with you, be at peace with all. Jesus said to not parade the good things that we do before others...
Matthew 6:2, "Therefore when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Truly I say to you, They have their reward."

The point is that the DOING is the important thing, not the TELLING. If you are going to pray for someone- especially someone with whom you are at odds- just do it. Don't announce it. Don't do a Pharisee dance. Just do it. There is no opportunity to be misinterpreted, and every opportunity for God to do His work.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A note to all my reader....

I do in fact have a Real Life other than the Blog-o-Verse.
Considering my output here, this will likely cause you to sleep easier, without those nasty nightmares of Your Humble Aardvark living in a box in the alley like a homeless guy in a Dean Koontz novel, waiting to have his keister kicked every morning by the Ratman.

This is our Christmas season. Really. Between Conventions, ball uniforms, prom shirts, and all, we are gonna be utterly covered up business-wise. Likely running two shifts at the shop. Wow.

Consequently, my blogging time will be at a premium. I have worked to reach even this level of readership, and I do not wish to go backwards, so please keep checking in a couple of times a week for new goodies. I shan't abandon the blog, or you. So sleep well.

The Aardvark shall continue to scan the horizon.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It is as I suspected all along.
Oscar Wilde was a hack, a culture whore. Google for Oscar Wilde quotes.

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

He used a Pithy Quote Generator TM .

Blank is the blank blank of the blank.

Nowadays he would write Star Wars novels.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Short shots

Vox is being lambasted, yet again, for taking a Scriptural stance on things, to wit, the authority relationships in the marriage covenant. If you play according to the rules of Texas Hold'em, then you must not be playing Monopoly. If you are going to assume the trappings of the Christian faith, then you should play according to the rules. Feminist dogma is not equivalent to Biblical doctrine.


In the name of Honesty, let's just rename Valentine's Day to "Conspicuous Consumption of Chocolate Day" or "Plush Teddybear Day" or "Cheap and Tarty Lingerie Day". "Hallmark Day" may also work.


SiteMeter says that I am gaining reader in Australia. WOOTNESS! G'day, shrimp on th' barbie, and other moribund Dundeeisms to you! (Don't you just HATE pop culture sometimes?)


Going to CoastCon in two weeks. The venerable old SF convention rises from the muck of Katrina like some amazing walking catfish, though, alas not in Biloxi. Gulfport, MS is the current host town. We aren't printing the con shirts, 'cos they have no clue as to the attendance, so a local guy is setting up to print on demand. This is a GOOD thing, no pouting from this Aardvark.
It takes considerable pressure off, given the MORE than considerable local work I have to do in the same two weeks. We WILL be taking our not inconsiderable stock of shirt designs. WHAT designs, you may ask? See HERE.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home again, home again!

The Starfleet Summit has come and gone, and a Good Time was had by all.
Whilst I have spoken of this before, I shall do so again. I'm middle-aged, and thus entitled to repeat myself occasionally. Starfleet...well, think of the Jaycees in Star Trek uniforms. They have created a civic organisation around the Star Trek philosophy and ethos. Members have meetings, raise money for charities. Rank is gained by mastering subjects, being tested, and performing various duties.

There are far worse things.

I am not a member, however. My time is spent with other pursuits, many involved with the acquisition of gold-pressed latinum, or whatever currency works! But no, I'm not a member.
More of the Ferengi-at-large. I print the convention shirts, and sell my other designs in the dealers room. I'm the fun uncle who comes to the party. I guess.

Had a GREAT time.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Aardvark will be Purveying his Wares (insert Charles Nelson Reilly laugh) at the Starfleet Region 2 Summit in Birmingham, AL this weekend. I will detail my adventures upon my triumphant return.

And no, I do not have Spock ears.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

One should knock first.

The recent discussion- and a civil one at THAT! - at amsiriano.com has involved whether-or-not we should be in Iraq.

I have been drawn to the comments as a moth...never mind. Truth is, I am astonished at what is coming from my keyboard. Not amazed at my perspicacity and debonair turn of phrase- nor will you be- but by the thoughts. I didn't realise that I am as isolationist as I appear to be. Or as pessimistic about the State of Things.

On the flip side, I surely believe that we should help Where we are asked to.
It's just so seldom that anyone asks.