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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy...with a DIFFERENCE!

Your humble Aardvark must awa' for the weekend. Some scheduling things came up, and I will be filling in at MomoCon in Atlanta this weekend. Sophomore year for the con. 10am-12pm Sat. and Sun. at Georgia Tech. Be there, and come see us in the Dealer's Room. Aardvark's Anime Commandos.

Pete, I see you peeking in here. Hi to Duchess and All!
You too, Pretty Lady. I'll be redoing the place here...putting in new vinyl seat covers... *snifffff*...
smell the summery wading-pool newness! Over THERE will be the chea...errr economically framed picture of Dogs Playing Poker. Never gets old, does it? (You know I love you!)

Happy and prosperous weekend to all!

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