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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bat Boy (c) WWN
I am so incredibly thankful to live in such an age of Wisdom and Revelation. With the internet, at the click of a mouse I can command the Secrets of the Ages. I can find the long-buried TRUTHS we so desperately need to get us through these days of darkness:

  • Monogamy is a white mans' lie. The Truth lies in multiple wives. The Church has hidden this truth for 2000 years... just The Man stickin' it to the little guy.
  • Jesus taught reincarnation, (wink,wink, we know what "ye must be born again really means!) The Church hid this vital doctrine from the laity at the Council of Nicaeia in the 400's, so that the priesthood could keep control. Just The Man stickin' it to the little guy.
  • Jesus did not get crucified. Instead he married Mary of Magdala, and founded the Merovingian line. It must be true. Tom Hanks is starring in a movie about it.
  • Bat Boy enlisted to aid our troops during Shock and Awe, and quitted himself like a Hero!
  • Redbook and Cosmo reveal "Sex Secrets" in every issue. Where have they been hidden? Who kept these secrets, and why did they blab now?
  • Snopes.com is the Textus Receptus of all that is Important.
What an age in which we live.
I love the internet! I love our culture.

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