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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The madness continues apace. I can understand how the core of a fission bomb feels.
We are getting an impossible amount of work in. This of course means that it WILL get done despite. It's fine. I am not complaining! This is a huge blessing, but I'll be REALLY happy to get an automatic press installed by summer.

And of course if YOU need tees printed, contact us via the weblink to the right. There is a quote page on our site.

Whist I'm here, let me tell you about this. I discovered Tortilla Blanco in Athens AL. This business is a corn and flour tortilla manufacturer on the north end of town...the Li'l Mexico and Li'l Guatemala end of town. It is also a taqueria, serving excellent take-out tacos, burritos, and such.
It is run by a couple of Anglos, and is as authentic as can be.

It's kind of like the question of why some of the best Italian places are run by Greeks.
An example is the late lamented Saks Pizza in Myrtle Beach. Back in the early 80's, we would live there after work- I managed "Dr. Feelgood's Old Time Photos". Everything at Saks was homemade, fresh cut, and perfect. The lot of us would decide we were hungry, so we would "go to have group Saks". Utterly wonderful. And run by Greeks. So there you go.

I so miss having Saks.

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