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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Allow me to posit that a majority of Conservatives and Libertarians are a gutless lot. Allow me to put it more plainly. They are cowards. They lack the courage of their convictions. Certainly it takes true daring to listen to talk radio, and perhaps to call in occasionally. It surely takes a spine of steel to blog from the safety of your home. Beyond that, though, their fortitude is not much in evidence.

Were I to attend a church where the preacher proceeded to ridicule me for believing the Scriptures, and the elders insisted upon turning my pockets out to get at the money and lint therein, and then went on to hire hookers with it to "spread the love of God", well, I would beat a hasty retreat, and were I to ever return, I would bring no money with me, even though the Scriptures say to be a cheerful giver. Why? Because they were taking my money, and using it in a manner not authorised by the Word of God.

I ask you, then, O Dittohead or Boortzite, when in their careers have your representatives represented YOU? When have they used the better part of the money extorted under threat of reprisal in a manner authorised by the Constitution? If the answer is "Rarely" or "Never", well, why do you continue to contribute? If you are a pro-life person, why do you support the government which supports the wanton murder of millions? If you disagree with the war, why then do you continue to fund it? If your concern is the sub rosa warfare being waged upon our nation by foreign insurgents from the South, why do you continue to subsidise the government which openly ignores the call of its own citizens to protect our own borders?

When have they kept their promises?

Governments are changed by either violent or subtle means. Starvation is far more subtle.
Why do you feed the beast? Why continue to feed the beast? Fear of reprisal?
It's OK. You can still turn on the radio and do your part, just like always.

See how much things have changed for the better already!

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