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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home again, home again!

The Starfleet Summit has come and gone, and a Good Time was had by all.
Whilst I have spoken of this before, I shall do so again. I'm middle-aged, and thus entitled to repeat myself occasionally. Starfleet...well, think of the Jaycees in Star Trek uniforms. They have created a civic organisation around the Star Trek philosophy and ethos. Members have meetings, raise money for charities. Rank is gained by mastering subjects, being tested, and performing various duties.

There are far worse things.

I am not a member, however. My time is spent with other pursuits, many involved with the acquisition of gold-pressed latinum, or whatever currency works! But no, I'm not a member.
More of the Ferengi-at-large. I print the convention shirts, and sell my other designs in the dealers room. I'm the fun uncle who comes to the party. I guess.

Had a GREAT time.


Billiam said...

Sorry, man. You don't have the teeth to be considered Ferengi. no offense meant.

The Aardvark said...

You're right...
but I DO have the lobes!