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Friday, March 10, 2006

A note to all my reader....

I do in fact have a Real Life other than the Blog-o-Verse.
Considering my output here, this will likely cause you to sleep easier, without those nasty nightmares of Your Humble Aardvark living in a box in the alley like a homeless guy in a Dean Koontz novel, waiting to have his keister kicked every morning by the Ratman.

This is our Christmas season. Really. Between Conventions, ball uniforms, prom shirts, and all, we are gonna be utterly covered up business-wise. Likely running two shifts at the shop. Wow.

Consequently, my blogging time will be at a premium. I have worked to reach even this level of readership, and I do not wish to go backwards, so please keep checking in a couple of times a week for new goodies. I shan't abandon the blog, or you. So sleep well.

The Aardvark shall continue to scan the horizon.

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