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Monday, March 27, 2006

Got back from Gulfport MS last night, late. Riatsila and I went to CoastCon 29, the Little Con that Could. The Con Katrina Couldn't Kill.

Guys 'n' dolls, you done GOOD! We had Sharon Green at the con, author and Teller of Great Stories. Check out the CoastCon site for all the guests. Cynthia the Con Queen, Tex: Dealer Room Coordinator Extraordinaire, all the rest, all did an amazing job of putting this historic SF convention together in a month's time. It had frankly become moribund the last couple of years, but the predations of the hurricane stripped away the dross, and left a glittering pearl on the Gulf Coast. Well done. We did an amazing amount of biz. The fans had lost their collections of SF goodies, and descended hungrily upon the dealer's room. DVDs, t-shirts, toys, music, books...all things Fannish.

Oh....and Herb McCaulla was there, too. Hi Herb. Love ya!

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