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Monday, March 06, 2006

Short shots

Vox is being lambasted, yet again, for taking a Scriptural stance on things, to wit, the authority relationships in the marriage covenant. If you play according to the rules of Texas Hold'em, then you must not be playing Monopoly. If you are going to assume the trappings of the Christian faith, then you should play according to the rules. Feminist dogma is not equivalent to Biblical doctrine.


In the name of Honesty, let's just rename Valentine's Day to "Conspicuous Consumption of Chocolate Day" or "Plush Teddybear Day" or "Cheap and Tarty Lingerie Day". "Hallmark Day" may also work.


SiteMeter says that I am gaining reader in Australia. WOOTNESS! G'day, shrimp on th' barbie, and other moribund Dundeeisms to you! (Don't you just HATE pop culture sometimes?)


Going to CoastCon in two weeks. The venerable old SF convention rises from the muck of Katrina like some amazing walking catfish, though, alas not in Biloxi. Gulfport, MS is the current host town. We aren't printing the con shirts, 'cos they have no clue as to the attendance, so a local guy is setting up to print on demand. This is a GOOD thing, no pouting from this Aardvark.
It takes considerable pressure off, given the MORE than considerable local work I have to do in the same two weeks. We WILL be taking our not inconsiderable stock of shirt designs. WHAT designs, you may ask? See HERE.

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