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Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Nattering of Nuance

Much of this mess could have been avoided if individuals years back had not ceded the job of looking out for one another to the police force.
Not a "police are EEE-vil" comment, rather, this is a "take responsibility" comment.


Oh, well, didn't get in at PensaCon. The rejection letter was one-size-fits-all, and so it could have been that I have oversaturated the market there (unlikely), or I'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny.


I am endlessly charmed by the use of the term "morons" aimed at possible attendees at the Noah's Ark "theme park".
Snide smugness is always in good taste.


Was printing last night, both local jobs and convention stuff, and ran across some DVDs that I had ripped from my own VHS tapes. Watched "Battle Beyond the Stars". It is ALWAYS a fun romp, with as odd an ensemble as you could hope to find. James Horner established the complete basis for most of his subsequent work. Many composers steal from others; Horner unabashedly stole from himself, and well.
Nestor. That is all.
Dat ship.
Robert Vaughn type-cast.
I recommend it for your weekend slumming.


Pokemon GO.
Think of it as evolution in action.


Adlai Stevenson, really?
Anyone guess who the guy over LBJ's shoulder is?


I hope that you enjoy your remembrances of Independence Day, for that is what we remember. We are not remembering a month and a number...we remember an event, and the blood of those who won what we now squander away in the name of "security" and "gimmes".
Please give attention to the history won for us.
Santayana is right, except that we really need to repeat SOME things


Bosley Hair Clinic ads make me want to saw my own head off.


Not declaring for a candidate, here, just looking at a phenomenon.
You DO know that many of the "No Trump..." mememeisters are in fact trolls from the Other Party, yes?


The planet's inhabitants have survived well for many millennia as clans, tribes, and nation-states. No globalist pretensions, except once, and the kibosh was put on that, giving Berlitz a career.
The frantic flailing over BREXIT shows that some never learn. Globalism, UN hegemony, internationalist cabals, whichever buzzword suits, is nothing more than a political-economic Babel, which, given humankind's predilection to fussing, is destined to fragment anyway. Power and profits for those at the top will not be sufficient to maintain the solidarity of the masses. National sovereignty may be as ingrained as eye color, and reversion to it will come, sooner rather than later.