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Monday, November 16, 2015

Les Folies Terroriste

There is a category error, fueled by emotion. Because the term "refugee" is used does not make it so. That they come from the area and belief-system that has been the source of the terror attacks made so famous should raise an alarm to the thoughtful, but we aren't thinking, we are being guilt-tripped by people. Our President has refused aid to the Mid-Eastern Christians who are being slaughtered because there is no "religious test...that's not who we are!". Apparently there is a negative religious test, then.
If these people need help, then let us set up refugee camps OVER THERE in a neutral country, or on army bases. Why displace them to cultures that may alarm and confuse them?
Help them, yes. Just not over here. If there were only 200 out of 10,000 who turned out to be jihadis, well, that would be 200 terrorists we did not import, and the needy are still helped.
19 guys carried out 9/11. if the reports are correct. The latest Paris attack was what, carried out by fewer than 20? Only takes one suicide bomber to take out a crowd.
Think with your brains, not with other people's security-shaming.