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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I have ridden upon the wings of the wind. It was NO fun!
Riatsila and I were at MechaCon in Lafayette LA, about an hour west of Nawlins. Stayed an extra night (Sunday) to allow panic travel north to subside. We set out Monday and travelled the edge of Katrina almost the whole way. Went north on I-49 to Alexandria; turned east to get to I-55 N to Jackson MS. East on I-20, then I-59 from Meridian, MS, through to Birmingham, AL, then onto I-65 N home. We have dodged trees on the interstates, endured lashing rain, and HUGE gusts of wind, and held our breath as we passed exit after exit with NO ELECTRICITY. Finally arrived at Tuscaloosa, where we got the LAST ROOM of the first place we tried (Motel 6). Thank God!
We made it safely, and are thankful. We await news from Frank & Lisa, and Sandy, Joe and family.