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Friday, January 30, 2009

Merely an observation...no bloviating:

I am fascinated that people are calling in to talk shows, and prefacing their comment or question with "When Obama is out of office...".


See! I can't stay away. Like a moth, I am.

So-o-o-o-o-o-o, anyone got a clue or suggestion of topics you would like to see probed or explicated?

Feel free to comment.

I beg...I PLEAD!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Truth be told, I'm tired.

I'm weary of the whole political thing. Republicans are precisely as trustable as Democrats. I reminded myself of a minor truth over at PL's, and I'm smarting. There is no real point in fulminating over Washington and the antics therein. As the Israelites realised at the ascension of Rehoboam, "There is no help in the house of Jesse.". I have no expectations from this or any other administration, and have no real desire to waste time with droll name-calling. We are cast adrift from the moorings of the Republic, and are at the mercy of the gales of opinion and expediency. Until someone shows evidence of earnestly and honestly moving us to the United States designed by the founders, no-one has my support.

The people have spoken repeatedly to their representatives on issues from abortion to taxation, to The Bailout, and those representatives have "bravely" gone against our instructions. So what's the point? No railing, no name-calling, no interest. I've got other stuff to write about. Pray for our leaders.

Friday, January 23, 2009

House Republican Leader John Boehner said he and his colleagues told Obama they feel the stimulus package is too expensive and too slow. He said Republicans told Obama of their own plans to "get fast-acting tax relief in the hands of American families and small businesses, because at the end of the day, government can't solve this problem."
Major Garrett - FOXNews

President Obama's response (of which I cannot find the quote online) was that the Repub tactic was off the table, "Because I won".

That's called bipartisanship. Wait...

That's called hubris. And snotty.

I am so excited to see it all coming to pass so soon.

Another thing that PObama (which is of course short for President Obama) is flogging is what he terms "our crumbling infrastructure". The ability to use a term to establish an untruth as truth is a leftist super power. Are there bad roads? Yes; drive I-40 across Louisiana. Are there bridges in need of repair? Certainly, but the MN I-35 bridge collapse a year ago was due to a design flaw, not the mere predations of time itself. Our national physical plant needs repair, and toning up; it cannot be accurately termed as "crumbling". It is a polemical term used to strike fear into the rubes, and the average PObama voter; an exaggeration, a prevarication. A lie.

And now, we can sleep well knowing that international aid organizations will be getting a bailout to help them provide abortions. YOUR tax dollars at work.

Where does conscience enter in?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush Commutes Sentences for Two Former Border Patrol Agents

I am no fan of the outgoing President, but I HAVE to say that this is the singlemost decent thing George W. Bush has done in eight years. I rejoice with Ramos and Compean and their families.

Friday, January 16, 2009




Here is some of what Vidad missed at Anime South this year.

Makes me wanna say "GO TEAM VENTURE!"

More Judas Pig Creepiness!

The Judas Pig is my term for the porcine BBQ mascots who invite you in to enjoy their brethren. Here is a husband and wife - or brother and sister - team. Hook's BBQ is on Hwy. 331 in Opp, AL.

Best butts in town!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R.I.P. Mr. McGoohan

Patrick McGoohan, of Dr. Syn fame, of Secret Agent Man and The Prisoner fame, friend and star with Peter Falk, and an amazing Edward Longshanks, has escaped this Village today.

Mr. McGoohan refused the original role of James Bond, because of the character's loose morals. This set an impressive tone for his future work. His ultimate role as Number Six in The Prisoner placed a high bar for television drama that has yet to be surpassed.

Patrick McGoohan was a mere eighty years of age. God bless him.

Be seeing you.

The best comment on this at YouTube is:

Marvin moves his feet so fast and he isn't even go fast!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

 All photos (c) Weatherly Hardy

Behold Princess Anastasia!

Back in 1976, I believe, a trio of vagabonds were booked in to give a presentation at St. Andrew's Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC. They were quite late to their gig, but finally arrived, rather the worse for their frigid trip. They had been in a minor ice-related auto accident, and the old lady had a small cut, as I recall. Their program alleged that she was, in fact, the Missing Romanov, Anastasia. The skeletal gentleman top right was a count, I believe (actually a baron, per the comments), and served to lend verisimilitude to the claims. The more portly gent was a lawyer who was married to the old lady, and spent his time with them taking their dog-and-pony show to different venues, presenting their claims to people who could make no difference whatever to them, for a fee; chautauqua at its finest.

I remember little of the information shared, much of which was scrawled on well-used flip charts. I do remember the lady, edentulous, swathed in mismatched polyester, such as would make any baglady strut.The men wore suits. She wore our pity. I have no idea as to the veracity of their claims. I DO know that I would have been hard-pressed to buy a used car from himself the lawyer.

The pictures are mine, taken with a Miranda 35mm back during my love affair with Tri-X. Can you count the grain? If anyone happens upon this blog entry, and knows of these people, or saw the presentation at St. Andrews, please comment here. I would welcome perhaps a less jaundiced view, though ANY memories would be appreciated.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Athens has arriven. They now have a Publix supermarket, and Loen and I went to check it out. It's very clean, very nice, very pricy. We walked the aisles, looking for goodies for our Friday night feed with Gamegod and Grrltechie. Mozz, tomato sauce, like that. We also picked up jelly babies and crumpets, as Loen developed a taste for the goodies in Scotland.

Publix ia a great store. It is also a status store, a place for the upper middle-class to escape the Great Unwashed of Wal-Mart, and is reminiscent of Jack Paar's reportage of the children of movie stars riding through 1950s Beverly Hills in summer with their car windows closed so everyone would think that they had air conditioning. Store brands are pricier than they need to be, and premium brands are breathtaking. The produce and meat sections are amazing, and it is the place to buy sea kittens. It also has the vibe of being the place to shop if you are looking for an affair. Cougars are a-prowl.

Our shopping completed, we checked out, and were asked if we wished to contribute to the Special Olympics or somesuch. I demurred, as I prefer my benevolences be done at places other than the grocer's. Loen asked loudly "Why not?", because he delights in attempting to embarrass his old man. I replied "Because I am a heartless so-and-so.".
The checkout guy, who appeared close to my age, seemed amused. The bag boy Z** took our cart to the Aardvan, and Loen inquired "How do you like working here?", because it has been open less than a month, and because he is keen on working there. Zeb replied "It's a job." with the air of a thirty-five-year-old who has been a bag boy for twelve years. Zeb then asked if we "had been busy", which made me think that he knew us. "Yes" was my reply, "and I hope it remains so!". Zeb asked incredulously "Why would you want it to stay busy?", as though he were really asking "Why would you want to have root canal every day?".

I paused and said, perhaps louder than was meet "Because that's where the money comes from!". As Loen and I drove off, I really started getting angry at the utter foolishness of the question, and the necessity of my having to answer at all. It was laughing anger, but anger nonetheless.

I may shop occasionally for Brit foods and such, but Publix will see little of me, and few of my monies. The cost is too high, and so are the prices.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

From my comments over at Cunning Dove's blog, responding to her kvetching about Cialis and Viagra ads.

What is up with the cast-iron bathtubs in the Cialis ads? Lugging those out to The Romantic Spot on the dock would wear me out, so all I would be ready for is a nap, little pill nonwithstanding.

Nothing says Romance like lying in twin footed tubs holding hands. (That's apparently all you can hold.)

The utmost in dumb is the session musicians jammin' in the studio and breaking out in (lusty) praise of Viagra. Together. Seems to me that Viagra is the pharma equivalent to the bad-old-days of getting Food Stamps. You sneaked around, and if a friend was in the checkout line, you waited 'til they left to check out yourself. You didn't want people to know.
So, of course these musicians are gonna have their jolly old time belting out "Viva, Viagra!".Lustily.

What gets me is the spam that I receive (you get it, too, so stop smirking) that assumes that price negates my higher brain function, such that I will be fooled into purchasing "Vigara". It IS, after all, blue.