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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

From my comments over at Cunning Dove's blog, responding to her kvetching about Cialis and Viagra ads.

What is up with the cast-iron bathtubs in the Cialis ads? Lugging those out to The Romantic Spot on the dock would wear me out, so all I would be ready for is a nap, little pill nonwithstanding.

Nothing says Romance like lying in twin footed tubs holding hands. (That's apparently all you can hold.)

The utmost in dumb is the session musicians jammin' in the studio and breaking out in (lusty) praise of Viagra. Together. Seems to me that Viagra is the pharma equivalent to the bad-old-days of getting Food Stamps. You sneaked around, and if a friend was in the checkout line, you waited 'til they left to check out yourself. You didn't want people to know.
So, of course these musicians are gonna have their jolly old time belting out "Viva, Viagra!".Lustily.

What gets me is the spam that I receive (you get it, too, so stop smirking) that assumes that price negates my higher brain function, such that I will be fooled into purchasing "Vigara". It IS, after all, blue.

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