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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Candy-and-Egg Day!

Just being down with the culture's ability to strip ALL meaning from ANY festival or holiday. This is NOT a new thing. I did a search of "antique Easter cards", and was ovewhelmed by the great cataract of nonsense displayed.

Pussy willow, or RABIES?

Handsy yout' overcome by rabbit radiation;
Oestre, indeed! Maybe the rabbit won't die.

This one is chilling in its implications:

Littering is littering. (I like the style, though)

Get my insulin shot, Millie!

 Yet, somehow, the truth of the Resurrection, the raison of the
Easter celebrations shone through. Attentive parents, ministers
and teachers managed to pass on that Easter is about the Risen Christ.
The candy and eggs and fluffy bunnies and chicks and ducklings
are perishable window-dressing, imperfectly reflecting the Imperishable Jesus.

I mourn the loss.

The mass-marketing has occluded the Meaning.

Jesus is risen. He is risen, indeed!

A blessed Easter to you all. Go, and celebrate the blessing!