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Sunday, March 03, 2013

"I'm in the Ar-my now..."

...Or at least near it. This snowy winter day finds me at the Valor Center in Ft. Campbell, KY, at the Anime and Comic Con, one of Wes Tillander's shows. Listening to Wes talk and tell con stories is almost worth the price of admission. It is a cold, grey day, and flaky. It is rumored that Herb McCaulla, Wes and I started Southron fandom just to make a buck off of 'em. I can neither confirm or deny this.

I have broken my cardinal rule: If the con has anything to do with comics, I do not go. Generally comic and gaming shows are fiscal death for us, but I have done decently well at Wes's cons in the past.

I do wonder why comic dealers must fit the "Comic Book Guy" template.

I just heard the dreaded lament: "I wish I had money.". Le sigh. And now I hear the crying child serenade.

I am staying at a Super 8 motel, not my first choice, but turns out that pets are verboten there. It's stock just climbed in my estimation. It is newly renovated, and clean, with the standard free breakfast, including turpentine OJ.

Chunky Kiki is chunky.

 Egregious "L" sighting.

BROKE THE ICE one hour, forty-five into the con.

I grow weary of Trek fandom my age (or at least much of it). They behave as though Trek is the only fandom. The anime kids are far more ecumenical in their interests, with Doctor Who right up there with Evangelion and Homestuck.


Michael W said...

I can still remember when the fandom "Old Guard" openly sneered at Trekkers. These were the same people who, years later, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the old school Trekkers in sneering at the Next Gen fans.

-Warren Zoell said...

I take there were no 2001 ASO fans.

The Aardvark said...

Alas, no, Warren. Did not have any indication.

Well, I was there. I even have a Monolith action figure!

We also sell a "Burpelson AFB" shirt as an homage to Dr. Strangelove.

@Michael- What's not to sneer?

Anonymous said...

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Jay said...

I openly sneer at Trek.

Dr. Who (What, When, Where, Why ...) is anime?

Where can I get a Monolith action figure?

Burpelson AFB shirts!? Any with the Bland Corp. logo?

I want an old stone pizza oven! By the way, I don't think it was Bill who spammed you.

Jay said...

Burpelson AFB: "Peace is our profession. (War is our hobby.)"