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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Equally puzzling


I have been informed by various Facebook folk that if they see me (or anyone) commenting on their Wall without this symbol, they will unfriend.

So-o-o-o-o, if I do not put this red symbol as my avatar, you will JUDGE me?

Cognitive dissonance.


Doom said...

Urhm, seriously? So... grade school never ended for some people?

I don't know what that symbol means, but I do know what the rest of it means. It means your "friends" are too insecure to not be fed and insulated.

I hurt those type of people, just by existing. I used to feel bad about it, but... not so much anymore. I would suggest you not pander to their insecurity. It might seem a kindness, but some kindness kills the body, some kills the soul, only in rare instances is it wise or good. imho

The Aardvark said...

This is the "marriage equality" symbol. One more method to mainstream what used to be deviant, so this is VERY hot-button for many. It is a vast yawn for me. I believe in the Tooth Fairy with greater vigor than I believe in ANY equality measurable by a metric on this planet.

Doom said...

No way! I got at least $2 bucks from the Tooth Fairy! (back in the day, $2 was worth like, what, a barrel of oil, more?) Don't be knocking on teh Tooth Fairy, man. :p

Ah, the old debate about... if we make it legal, does it make it real? Female equality, minorities (at least the ones who don't even seem to try), etc? Yeah... They won't learn until they understand men aren't even equal. I'm not Einstein or Schwarzenegger. But they aren't me, either. Not even close.

Get the states out of marriage, or keep it straight, is my line. But... you don't have to use an unequal sign, or even agree. I'll "let you". :p

Jay said...

On my facebook page no one can comment unless they sport this one:

So there!