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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Something Eville This Way Comes...

I am at EvilleCon in Evansville IN. It is a good little con, peculiar in its way. When you come to Indiana, you know you're not in Kansas anymore. Virtually every othe con sets its Dealer Room hours starting at 10AM. EvilleCon opens at 9AM. Today (Saturday) it is open 'til 8PM. 11 hours of occasionally selling shirts. This makes the hours I have to sleep precious. I was in bed by 11 last night, which is unheard-of (1AM is usual for me.) The hotel is a Holiday inn, with the open commons area surrounded by rooms. Last night the festivities went on past 1:30. No indoor voices.

I began to understand the impulse of climbing a bell tower and then opening fire.

I had some of those foam earplugs, but I do not like them, for they serve to magnify my internal sounds, the gurglings, the susurration of my own breathing. I habitually have radio on low at night, but I eschew the use of earbuds, so there we are. The loss of hearing in my left ear has advantages. I burrow my right ear into the pillow, and my left ear picks up the closer sounds, muffling the sounds of the madding crowd. Winning, as they say.

That said, EvilleCon is a great little con. They had us print their con shirts, and LOVED them! Yaaaay! It has grown a lot since they started. They are now filling up this largish Holiday Inn. The area after Registration is filled with classic arcade games, DDR types, an Original TMNT with the 80's hair April O'Neill graphic. Like that.

Then there's the Homestuck cosplayers....

We are having an enthusiastic reception of our shirts, which is always for the win!

Have a grand week-end!

And now, a musical interlude.

Because, well, why not?

Two of my neighbors are "vaping". There is nothing manly about this activity. The method of holding, and the motions appear furtive, as though expecting a maiden aunt's claw to fasten on their ears at any moment. Not a proponent of ciggies, but man.... If someone showed them a video of how they look whilst vaping, they would be cured instanter.


Michael W said...

I had to look up "vaping" to realize what you were talking about.

You might want to count your blessings. We had a couple move out from the apartment across the way from us. The wife was partial to grape-flavored cigars.

The Aardvark said...

That sounds dreadful. I would bet credits to Navy beans that they were masking a different weed.

Here is your refresher course: