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Thursday, March 16, 2006

VOX quotes Peggy Noonan today. In the comments, I write:

I'm really startin' to wonder myself if the black helicopter crowd have a point on this- ans I'm not washing Vox with the same rotor, here- that from primaries up, the choices have been made by The Machine, be it the CFR, Skull and Bones, the Jesuits or QVC, and that the National Elections are an elaborate dog-and-pony show, busywork to give the proles a sense of participation, and that all the decisions were made months or years before in the smoke-filled rooms. I'm not signing up to this YET, but my suspicions grow by the day.

Does it mean ANYTHING?
Does our vote mean anything anymore?
Is voting third party any more of "a waste" than voting for the other two?
... AND [Hammond organ sting] what about Naomi?


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Billiam said...

I don't think ANY vote is a waste, even if it's for Pat Paulson. Not voting is a waste, as it's still your right in the Constitution.