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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our President signs HIV testing Executive Order


Our President signs HIV testing Executive Order

Why would Our President, yours and mine, wish to have everyone from 16 to 65 tested for HIV?

"Because Obama wants to know who else he can screw and get away with it."

Now, for the person that said that, it is the equivalent of Billy Graham dropping an F-bomb during a sermon. This person is, shall we say, indignant over the Obamster's high-handed uppity political style. As am I. Jesus said in a different context:

"And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.". -- Matthew 24:12

We see the practical outworking of this in our nation. Those of us who remember the Reagan years recall that, while he was not perfect, it was a time when you were proud to be an American, you loved the You-Ess-of-AY, and displayed the flag proudly. The overt attempt seemed to be a desire to Do America Right, and try to play it by the rules. It took a lot of sorrier Presidents to wear that down, and now the overt lawlessness that Bush Jr. displayed with good ol' Texas charm, and that Obama flaunts on a daily basis has worn us down to daily kvetch-fests. We may still love America as a concept, but I for one do not love the nation as it stands and is run today. It is lawless, HE is lawless, and I do not love it or him.

The Tree of Liberty is wilted.


Doom said...

Well written. Commonality noted.

Rigel Kent said...

What. The. Bloody. Hell?

Why? What reason could there possibly be for this? Oh forget I asked. I don't want to know.

The thing I find funny (I have a morbid sense of humor) is people raised concerns about peoples privacy when "Obamacare" was first being discussed. And they were laughed at as being part of the tinfoil hat brigade. And now, now they're trying to do things that are so much worse than what those "crazy" folks were worried about.

The Aardvark said...

From the tinfoil side, having access to 'most everyone's DNA. The sheer invasion of privacy, not to mention the abrogation of doctor/patient confidentiality, is breathtaking!

Doom said...

If I were gay I would be very afraid. With a government that isn't afraid to break laws because it hasn't ever been punished, which is about to take over medical coverage and means to cut costs... It doesn't bode well.

As for DNA access? It would surprise me greatly if directly or indirectly that is being allowed through zerocare. It may be as clear as the rights to abortion are in the constitution, but... it's in there. Corporations can't patent human DNA, but the government can own it, just ask it. At least there is the Supreme Court. *sigh*

Jay said...

The government is SCARED.

My theory:

The "tipping point" (Mass die off.) for AIDS is slowly approaching. More will die from it at a rate faster than will be infected/recruited.

This will devastate the homosexual faction & may hit other high risk groups very hard ... Groups the ruling classes depend on for political pull/votes.

As for the country:

I love my country but I don't like it.