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Friday, July 26, 2013


In other news, my sweet wife, The Dread Dormomoo, and I went on a date last night. (Keep an ear out for a Loud Trumpet...the fact that we made time to go out may be a portent of The End.)

We went to see "Pacific Rim". If I may make a mild suggestion:


It was quality film-making, with the barest minimum of bad language. Period. (I mean, it has Ron Perlman in it....)

It is the cleanest movie I have seen in forever. The writing is crisp, the visual effects are superb (You will believe giant monsters and giant robots can exist!) For them wot this is important to, there is no nudity, no sex, the only flowing juices come from badly injured monsters. For those who think violence IS pr0n, well, you're out of luck...go see Pippi Longstocking or summat.

If you are sensitive to LOUD, stuff cotton-wool in your shell-like.

Go see this movie. This is NOT a request! If you like SF, see it. If you like horror, see it. If you like Godzilla movies, SEE IT! If you like antagonists becoming buddies, see it. If loyalty and honor bring a tear to your eye, see it.

I hope that I am clear on this. SEE IT!!!

Then lobby Congress for funding to build Jaegers. You never know when you're gonna need a giant robot. It's for DEFENSE!!

(See how adroitly I steered this back to politics? Carry on!)


Doom said...

I'm too nervous that politics will crash in on anything from Hollywood. My guess is you are a lot more tolerant of that, being a creative type, being by necessity socially available. If they would strip out egalitarianism, multiculturalism, and some of the other things, both passive and active, I might go see a movie. I'm just tired of having them try to cram stuff down my throat. I simply resist by being absent now.

Just can't do it.

The Aardvark said...

I renounced my cinematic celibacy last night (I had not seen a movie at a theater since "Avatar".) Beyond the "Reagan Doctrine" (an alien menace causes the world to pull together), it is really a non-political flick. "Avatar" was such a PC trainwreck. This is just a good old-fashioned action SF movie. It does show how bureaucracy hinders useful research.

Doom...look at my blog avatar. You can trust this face.

You can also trust this face...


Doom said...

Ha! Avatar was the last movie I saw in the theater as well.

Hmm, happy, healthy, hale. Trust? Maybe... :p

The thing is... I think Hollywood is on the run. Making movies that cater to foreigners is going to cost them more than it will help them. Not that people won't go, just that people won't have the money to go, as is the case. Politics has consequences, and Hollywood is pulling a political Charlie Sheen. They are indeed, politically, "Winning", and it is costing them everything.

My guess is, despite what they suggest, American movie-goers subsidize the bulk of movie (and medicine, medical procedure) production. Foreigners might add the bulk of dollars, but at a much greater cost. I want to see Hollywood bankrupted or forced to change from it's deepest want to push movies like Avatar.

You didn't mention multi-culturalism. My guess is that is huge in this film. Odd though, when they have Chinese, Russians, and Japanese, you never see a black one of those, innit? Only in America, and as equals or betters when shown as Americans. I want them broken.

Jay said...

@'Vark- If it's NOT a "PC train wreck", I just might see this.

"Giant robots" eh? Some weird, blue haired kid doesn't show up, does she?

The Aardvark said...

There's a Japanese chick who is Teh Awexome, but no Rei. And no Tang.

It's really good, and you REALLY need to see it on the big screen.

And stay through the credits. This is a must.