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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Arsenal of Freedom

Much has been made of the weaponry of "New Media", the Blog-o-Verse tm. We've got the MSM jaspers on the ropes, fellows! Part of blogdom's potency is its mercurial shape, ever-changing, shifting in hue and reflectivity. The inconstant nature of blogging, its reactivity to change, its camouflage; the noobs, and abandoned attempts, all render it impossible to pin down.

The variable architecture of blogdom is punctuated by motes of constancy, bloggers who can be counted upon, whose aim is true; them wot's always there. Vox Day; now THERE'S a howitzer for ya. His aim is true, and I have yet to see a dud fired. Nate, the ineffable BloggerBlaster, is a Fort Sumter cannon, loose, mayhap, but definitely with Southern fried flavor. James Lileks' humor indicates a laser sight that's just a little off.
Vidad, I dunno, I always smell curry when he's around. A Khyber Rifle, maybe.
Pretty Lady is a pearl-handled derringer. There are a few who are deep pits with filth-encrusted punji sticks at the bottom.

Me, I'm an annoying little airsoft pistol, popping up from behind the crates and stinging your neck.


MacLaren said...

I have a cannon, made of curry.

Curry is my weapon of choice.

I love curry so much, that if it was a woman, I would marry her.

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