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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The epizoodic subsides

The fever...the weakness, the inability to focus...
I'm back to normal.

The Religion of Peace and Love, the Spiritual Woodstock known as Islam, has blessed the world yet again. The two women who suicide-bombed markets in Baghdad were unveiled metaphorically when the news revealed that they were mentally...challenged.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Two mentally disabled women were strapped with explosives Friday and sent into busy Baghdad markets, where they were blown up by remote control, a top Iraqi government official said.

The bombs killed at least 98 people and wounded more than 200 at two popular pet markets on the holiest day of the week for Muslims, authorities said.

In both bombings, the attackers were mentally disabled women whose explosive belts were remotely detonated, Gen. Qasim Atta, spokesman for Baghdad’s security plan, told state television.

Atta said the women were strapped with dynamite and ball bearings, citing members of the bomb squad. The explosives were detonated via cell phone, he said.

An Atta aide said that people referred to the bomber at central Baghdad’s al-Ghazl market as the “crazy woman” and that the bomber at a second market had an unspecified birth disability.

The aide said authorities believe the women were unaware of plans to detonate the explosives.

I will avoid applying the Broad Brush here. This was disturbing enough, but today I learned that the women had Downs Syndrome. Now, I have known numbers of Downs cases, and there is no group that is more angelic and loving than people with Downs. This may be a sweeping generalization, but it has been my experience. To use such docile and trusting persons as mobile bombs is beyond depraved, makes John Calvin look like an optimist, and is deserving of additional Dantean construction. (I forget how many levels of Hell we are up to.)

I really feel bad for the otherwise intelligent and educated who have bought into Mohammed's tripe-fest. The same prince of the power of the air who can spin the declarations of Jesus into hate-speech can apparently con otherwise sentient souls into buying the jihadist mentality as metaphor or hyperbole.


Whilst loading the dishwasher this morning -doing it makes me feel less guilty about being a layabout all week. (Yes. I get the guilts over having the flu.) - the dreadful business shows were on. One guy was a guest, a 'roid-ridden guest (steroid,not the other kind) with a shaven head, and a red t-shirt with vinyl lettering that said:

No Chubbies

Now, his riff was about fat kids, and his responses to questions about his anti-fat-kid agenda were on the level of

It's child abuse

If he has a big caboose.

(I think it's so cute when roid-heads use rhyming couplets.)

My concern is whether his t-shirt was a slogan for his program, or a sad telegraphing of deeper issues. It IS, after all, FOX News.


Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I guess it's our turn now. ;) The yo-yo weather is played merry havoc with my ability to breathe until I ended up with bronchitis, and the hubby brought the flu home from school this week.

I can understand the guilt about not doing much when you feel like the half skinned mouse the cat leaves on the stoop as a "present."

Anonymous said...

Ok, Mr. Aardvark - if Taylor had not sent a flu bug a flyin' over at Vox's, I was gonna blame you for the creeping crud settlin' on me this weekend. But I survived. It was questionable once or twice... but I am glad you are feeling better. I was wondering how you & yours were doing as I lay shivvering on my couch. :o)

The Aardvark said...

I'm glad that You are better, CD. I pray Misses E and her house will be so, as well.

I have a very "Do unto others" approach to flu.
If I have it, I withdraw. Work, church...I even sleep alone, which creeps me out, 'cos I wake up from fever-dreams, alone, expecting to be abducted by greys.

'Swhat I get for sleeping with "Coast-to-Coast AM" on the radio.