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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kill the fatted calf!

My Doppelganger has been found!
Not my lookalike...perish forbid, the earth could not support such a pulchritudinous weight. Two of me?!

No, my Journey to the Far Side of the Sun DVD has been reunited with its cover.
I found it in one of the many blank DVD spindles that are now full of unlabeled not-blank-anymore DVDs. It was well down the stack, well on the way to becoming diamond under the pressure.

I do so hate losing cheese.

My habit at work- for which I would fire me if I were my boss- is to plug in a DVD and have it keep me company as I print. I saw the worst movie I have seen in a very long time. It was a freebie that came with a set of DVDs I ordered after Christmas. I guess they knew what it was worth:

Vampire Woman , starring the doubtable Andrew Prine, is the title of THIS release of the 1973 horror creaker Hannah, Queen of the Vampires. The sheer length of the IMDB description says it all:

Two archaeologists on a scientific dig come across a vampire burial ground and discover that the creatures are about to awaken and attack a nearby village.

Unless the filmmakers intended a completely eerie mood, and I don't see why they would get that right, the film stock had shifted to the blue. I strongly suspect this was a burned copy of an internet download.

Perhaps the film stock took its lead from the acting.

It sure gave me the blues.


MacLaren said...


Now we can have a movie night.

I'm totally ready to quit working forever and start hanging out at friends' houses. Like yours!

Far side of the sun! Wooooooooo!!!!

MacLaren said...

My favorite B Movie is "Killers from Space."

Followed by "She-gods of Shark Reef." That one makes me really misty-eyed for some reason.

Maybe it's because it features hunky men in skirts in the islands.

Oh - and it has a GREAT opening song. Very dramatic. I ripped it to ITunes because I dug it so much.

"If yoooooooou were the sea, I would be the shore... if yoooooooou were a key... I would be the door... if yoooooou were a heart, I would be the beating part.... nearer my love to theeeeeee!"