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Wednesday, February 27, 2008




Bob Ragsdale has been a lurker here for awhile. He is apparently a completist nut, as he was drawn to "Aardvark's Plumbline" like an ant to a pic...never mind. He and I share some congruent manias. He is as gaga over hyphens as I am over ellipses.

His book "Sun-Dried Aardvark-Tongue Swizzle-Sticks" is a new star on the odd and cool book horizon. Just looking at is makes me think of John O' Hurley.
The illos are by Bob's nephew Jamie Guy, who can draw faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle.". The whole thing comes off like a '50s travelogue. Has that whole "safari, then gins-and-tonic all around" feel.

The concept is simple: A catalog of household oddments and gewgaws, the likes of which used to be found in the gift section of Better Men's Clothing Stores, next to the Buxton wallet display. One thing, though. These are made of odd bits from endangered beasties.
The Patagonian-Hedge-Hog-Soap-Holder. Keeps-your-soap-high-and-dry. (Yeah, now I'm just being silly-with-the-hyphens) Yawning-Hippo Stereo-Speakers. Bose is in despair.

And should be.

The inspiration? I'll let Bob explain:

The Inspiration for this catalog came from what I understand to be a real item - the Wall-Mounted Springbok-Penis Whisky-Dispenser, the existence of which was related to me by an acquaintance. The rest of the inspiration came from a bottle of whisky.

I shall not ask how said whisky was dispensed....

Guys, this is a real book, not a fever dream of an overworked Aardvark. Go HERE to check it out. And also to buy it. Or several. The thing is ONLY $9.95. You can get ahead on your Fathers Day, birthday, Christmas, and Hannukah shopping.

Here's a neat gimme. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the WWF. The not-wresting one. World Wildlife Fund. It's enough to warm the heart of a Repentant Environmentalist like me. So you can buy a funny, funny book, and it may save the Banded Vituperative Marmoset, too! Or somesuch.

So pony up, guys. And gals. You'll laugh, your friends will laugh, and you'll all feel good about it.

Of course, Bob will be ecstatic!

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David The Good said...

You have really neat friends.

Great book idea.