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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Please hear what I am NOT saying.

Perhaps a different flavor has been noted here of late. I am attempting to drag this thing back to its mission. Our culture consists of more than Sunday School, and dealing with the Issues of the Day requires a bit more depth and perspicacity than what is found in a Chick tract. In short, I do not want this to become Aardvark's Bible Hour.

But, but...PLUMBLINE...you know!

Yes. God's word is the plumbline that we are to hew to. Yes. What we need is not a Bible Promise Band-aid to plaster on each situation, but we each of us who believe must be remade, re-shapen by the Word, and from that steady platform, we address the world around. Do not despair. I am not abandoning clear speaking on things scriptural. There will be homilies. Ohhhh, such homilies there will be. OTOH, I do not wish to air soiled linen before a watching world.

The plumbline bespeaks of the prophetic, the speaking-forth of God's word, being a Nathan to the Nation. This does not necessarily happen in King James English. Sometimes, the distilled experiences of a life of faith come out in everyday speech, and in workaday situations. That is my aim here. Know that unless I make it clear otherwise, I am speaking from a Christian worldview, a way of seeing through the lens of the Scriptures and my living them. While I won't be speaking ex cathedra, my views on politics, pop culture, the arts, and things spiritual will continue in a delightsome mix, and I crave your input and comments. I'll even have some guest bloggers, methinks.

I welcome your comments on this, direction-wise.

One thing: Why is it that people say "I covet your prayers" when they want to sound spiritual? Likewise the whole "The Lord laid 'X' on my heart". Might it not be indigestion, or too much caffeine, or even incipient cardiac arrest?

As to politics: meh.




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