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Monday, February 25, 2008





Well, I have dodged the Bony Hand for yet another annum. Sorry Grim.

The Dread Dormomoo got me a groovy Phaser.II, with detachable Phaser I. ( I feel the aetheric ripples as you all sadly shake your heads.) It is a permutation of Phaser toys unseen in this continuum.

Mr. McLeod gave me a copy of The Prestige. Cool.

But the REAL honor came Saturday night, when I bailed from Vox's, and went to Mikawa's, our favorite Japanese restaurant. We gathered for Riatsila's and my birthday, and I was expecting to foot the bill, hobbit-like. I planned on a beef teriyaki dinner of which I am fond. The Brood instead blessed the D.D. and me with Kobe beef dinners.

It was amazing! I have never had beef that tasted like that. It was cubed and grilled with red wine, and served with rice and a garnish of grated daikon radish.

Delish! (Who says "delish"?)

Thank you! It was truly worth not dying for a year!

STOP THE PRESSES! The Dread Dormomoo hauled out a Present of Great Mass!
If she had tossed it at me, or dropped it on my toe, I would have had Cause, but she handed it to me, so you trial lawyers put your tongues back in your mouths.
I marveled at its heft, so I opened it.
A cast-iron wok. One could commit Murder Most Foul with it, then dispose of the evidence.
The Secret's in the Sauce.

Stir-fry would also be good cooked in it.

Happy Birthday to ME!


Rigel Kent said...

Happy Birthday and many returns of the day.

MacLaren said...

Happy! Birthday!

If it weren't for your birth, I'd never have known that Aardvarks weren't rodents.

Thanks for all you do. Don't put an eye out with that phaser.

The Aardvark said...

Well, you've already put me EARS out.

Thanks for the kind wishes.

Let's both keep it up.

BTW, didja get those oils yet?
And black velvet.
LOTSA black velvet.

MacLaren said...

HA! So it was you, you sly Aardvark. On his blog, Bethke said the post at the end made the piece. He thought it was me, and I had to confess... it wasn't.

The Aardvark said...

What can I say...we work well together.

I changed my ID, but left my blog link.