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Monday, March 03, 2008

    Plucky little Israel does it again.

    I am a fan of the Nation of Israel. It is the Dispensational Notion of Israel that grinds my conceptual gears. The dirty little secret of pre-millenial eschatology is that all of the efforts to get the Jews back to Palestine, to re-establish a nation, for ministries to collect money to pay the way for impoverished Eastern European Jewry, and Jews from the various -Stans, into Israel, the really vile raison d'etre for all these efforts is to immanentize the Eschaton, to provide them as Antichrist-fodder for the End of the Age.

    If only Hitler had waited. The Evangelicals would have gotten it done for him. In the name of the Lord.

    But what hath Israel wrought? From the beginning of their taking possession of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua, they have never completed a task set for them. They were to utterly wipe out the Canaanites from the land of the living. Cruel, cruel, bloodthirsty Yahweh, yes?


    During the 400+ years Israel spent as day-laborers in Egypt, The Canaanites practiced Idolatry Most Vile, including post-partum abortion, otherwise known as the worship of Molech, amongst others. Yahweh, who at that time spoke to the patriarchs of the families, was ignored in Canaan, so for TEN generations, He gave them time to repent.
    They did not, so Israel left Egypt (who had oppressed them for 400+ years.), and Yahweh put the kibosh on Pharoah and his ilk, destroying their workforce- by Israel being exodized! - and stripping Egypt of their pantheon (examine the plagues). Israel, after stupidly ignoring their opportunity to claim their property and thus having to wander the wilderness for 40 years, ultimately arrived at Canaan-land, and was commanded to kill the Canaanites, and thus destroy the infanticidal religion of Molech, as well as Baal and Ashtoreth worship.

    Israel then began a history of NOT obeying Yahweh. They did not destroy the Canaanites, nor the Philistines, but were tricked into making a covenant treaty with some of the inhabitants, thus invalidating the command (I have never understood how a false treaty could trump God's command), so they could not destroy the Canaanites. The Philistines are the forbears of the poor, misunderstood Palestinian hobos, so we can see how if Israel had done their job, things would be a shade better in the Mid-East today. Of course, if Abraham hadn't been God's Little Helper - Yes, dear, doing your servant is a GOOD idea, and the obvious fulfillment of Yahweh's promise! - we wouldn't have any Arabs (sons of Ishmael) to deal with at all. Thanks Abe!

    Israel NEVER completed the job. Prophets kept calling Israel back to obedience, and promising Captivity if they did not obey.

    Inevitably, Israel as a nation chose captivity rather than obeying Yahweh's commandments. Clever, clever Israel.

    Ultimately Rome took over, and God offered the choice: The Messiah whom God had promised, or the destruction of Israel.

    To quote the Loen "The only thing the Jews ever finished was killing their Messiah, and even then they had to get the Romans to do the job."

    So, it is not surprising that modern Israel should pull back from ending the Hamas problem once and for all. Everything I have said here is Biblically and historically accurate.
    Be prepared for yet another round of talks bound to secure Ultimate Peace in the Middle East.

    I have SUCH hopes!

    *NOTE: I am NOT anti-Semitic. I love the Jews, and pray for Israel. I just don't like historical stupidity. Or tricking Jews to move back to Israel. I believe that the "Left Behind" theology is false and heretical. However, should it turn out to be correct, it's gonna be UGLY for the Jews. The ultimate Evangelical / CBN / TBN / Sumrall / Cerullo / van Impe motive is even uglier.


              MacLaren said...


              It's incredible how people can't just deal with the issues in front of them.

              Like the Muslim issue in Europe. They're losing their continent to the Islamic hordes again. And they leave the borders open.

              Like some other countries I could mention.

              Billiam said...

              Excellent, Sir! We see all through the OT, how God, in His patience, kept offering that recalcitrant chile, Israel, the opportunity to repent. Yet, they always stuck their thumb in His eye. They'll never learn, sad to say.

              MacLaren said...

              ...and Israel's story is our story.

              WE never learn. Ignoring God is our life.

              Just as we ignore history.

              Which is why we're in for a massive economic ass-kicking.