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Monday, March 31, 2008

Well, tomorrow the Grand Experiment begins. You see, I WON!

Not the Irish Sweepstakes. Not a chance at several million sweet, sweet Nigerian dollars. Not EVEN Publishers Clearing House.

Your Aardvark qualified for a Medical Trial. I am part of a blind study of a BPH medication
trial. The next 16 months have the Aardvark transmogrified into a guinea pig, complete with shots, as they so genteelly put it, in the hip. I have a one in three chance that one of the three shots I get will be a placebo. Yaaaay! The good news is that I get some serious health care for nuttin'. I am not a responsible adult where my own health is concerned. I don't do seriously damaging things to my bod; I just don't take as much care and get the checkups I should. Perhaps this is a change for the better.

I will give suitably sanitary reports. This has GOT to be mineable for some amusement.

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