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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo thanks to PHYSORG.COM

The good news is, I am seeing honeybees about. When I go outside, I can often hear the ambient droning buzz of bees on the prowl for pollen.

Not being silly, here. Be aware of the bees in your environs. Pray for the bees. Our lives depend upon their tireless labor.


MacLaren said...

Yes! I do pray they survive and flourish. My peaches and pears are depending on them.

Unknown said...

Not to mention pretty much our entire food supply minus corn and wheat and a big chunk of the economy on top of that. Yes, pray for the bees.

Scientists are working on the mysterious illness killing them off, but thus far, they've yet to pinpoint the cause let alone find a cure. Kind of makes me wish I'd stuck with biochem, but I doubt I'd be working on something nearly so interesting.