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Thursday, March 06, 2008

    A Request

    To all the handicapped drivers, or fakers driving a kinsman's vehicle with a handicap tag:
    Your Lincoln MKX is not a Hoveround or a Rascal. Please do not drive like it is one.

    People who do not have a handicap , but drive the vehicle and park in the handicapped spot, you are a pox on the bum of society.

    OTOH, If a handicapped person parks in a regular spot, he should be ticketed.

    And yes, some of my best friends are handicapped.


          Rigel Kent said...

          A good friend of mine is handicapped. Blind. He never finds the right parking spot.

          The Aardvark said...

          My best buddy and boon companion Brad had CP, and was wheelchair-bound. A major annoyance for him was handicapped folks "milking" it. I was an aide to handicapped students at our college, and the continuum from self-reliance to near-parasitism is not always related to the profundity of the disability.

          Very strange.

          Billiam said...

          While my car was getting fixed after I wrecked it, I was driving a buddy's car. He's got handicapped tags. IN the 2 weeks I drove his car, I could not have, in good conscience have parked in a handi-space. It wouldn't have been right. Are those who think like me a dying breed? Are honesty and integrity dead concepts? If so, it's no wonder our society is crumbling.

          MacLaren said...

          I think we need to eliminate parking altogether.

          Anonymous said...

          billiam, you dinosaur.

          yes, yes they are

          Giraffe said...

          My only comment, is that they seem to have more handicapped spots than they need. It sucks when its 20 below zero with the wind blowing and you have to walk by a dozen empty handicapped spots to get into the building.

          They other thing I find humorous, is extremely fat people, apparently otherwise able bodied, riding around on the handicapped motorized shopping carts. The ones who need the exercise the most.

          The Aardvark said...

          Ayyyyyyyyyy-men, Bro. Giraffe.

          Preach it.