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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Voice From the Past! (or) Be Careful What You Post

Back in April '07 I posted a Sci Fi Channel rant. In it, I referenced:

Overall, I find SciFi Channel to be as cutting-edge as tapioca pudding, but occasionally they have some neat reportage on their website.

I got cable originally on the strength of the provider having SciFi Channel (or as Tony Papagermanos, a Greek nuke engineer I worked with said, the "Skiffy Channel". I miss Tony...a really nice guy, and personable.)

So, last week, I got an email:

It's all nice and well, BUT you got my name wrong! It's not TONY PAPAGERMANOS. Heck, I don't know HOW you remembered that much (i.e., my last name). My first name is Michael.

But, I am just shocked you remember me after so many years. Feel free to visit me on my blog.

Heh. I got the "Tony" wrong. I blame it on the fumes from cleaning screens. And the years passing. AND watching too much bad SF on cable.Yes, ultimately I blame it on Canada.

Mike, I DID get the hard part right! Papagermanos. You gotta admit, it is a LOT more memorable than "Jones"!

The main reason I remembered you is that you were a nice guy, with intelligent interests.You also encouraged my budding t-shirt business. You also did not come to the supply window begging for an electric eraser every day.(Those were something of a status symbol amongst some of the engineers at Bechtel.)

(The "Skiffy Channel" quote was not my poking fun. I was enjoying the pronunciation were it in Greek.It is a fond memory.)

Michael posts a fair amount on the SciFi.com forum. He also has a blog, which I will have to plug into Babelfish. (Michael,If you read this, send me a link to your blog so I'll be sure it's the right one.) Keep writing, come visit. I hope all is well with you.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant is ticking away just fine, so apparently your engineering superpowers, and my filing of engineering revs did the trick. That, and no-one checks the wiring with a candle anymore.

That's right, kiddies. My blog is Nuclear Powered! I think that is so neat. An atomic tea-kettle does the trick! I feel like Jeff Tracy.

God bless you, Michael. Stop by soon.

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