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Monday, March 17, 2008

I suspect he has an oil painting hidden somewhere.

John Ankerberg is a decent sort.
He has been an ardent apologist
for the Christian Faith, and while
he suffers That Blind Spot about
End Times, he is keen on historic
orthodoxy for the most part.

He has (apparently) avoided much
of the hucksterism of Televangelism -
though he has his fair share of books
and DVDs for sale on his site.

He DOES get hyper about fads, like the
New Age debacle in the '80s, but does an admirable job moderating panels of both
sides of an issue.

The thing that REALLY worries me is that he still looks like he should be in Davey and Goliath. He looks an experienced 12-year-old.

Just another guy with a painting of himself stashed away.


      David The Good said...

      Ha. Wilde post.

      The Aardvark said...

      Yeah, I deserve an Oscar.