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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I should be napping, as it's Sunday afternoon, and I have a tummy full of roast, and a circulatory system full of Benadryl. Good times. If I could work my will, every single Bradford Pear would be hewn to the ground, the stumps dynamited, and the craters sown with salt. Lots of salt. I'm debating over whether-or-not I should pave over the craters. That could get expensive.

The wretched trees are a nasal nightmare, with an unpleasant scent, and copious pollen. The ARE pretty, and relatively cheap, so every contractor and jackleg landscaper HAS planted a few on every site. Mercy.


So, should I attend CoastCon? Last year they had about 700 attendees. I'm printing their shirts, and plan to ship 'em, but we have so much work here to do, and it's a 14-hour round trip. Not much money to be had, and I'm in it for the money. In general, Sci-Fi cons are a losing proposition for me. The fan dollar is in anime. That I enjoy the Japanese cartoony goodness helps loads, as well, and as I have written elsewhen, there are far fewer unpleasant and disagreeable characters with anime fandom than with Sci Fi. Odd. Not to poke fun at others' misfortunes, but I DO note the preponderance of Aspy and A.D.D. types at SF cons, especially the bearded ones who loom over the table like God's Own Vulture, and proceed to regale you with corrections to t-shirt gags (not a sex toy) that have sold quite well up till now without your help, thank you.

I also think it's cute when the gamers stand around talking As Though It Actually Happened. " ...and then I cast Magic Missile, and the giant Blancmange exploded. Boy, we had too much dessert on THAT quest!"

(Please don't think me to be a merchant of that loathsome sort who disdains his customers. I should as well curse the bread and jam at breakfast! They are persons of exacting and excellent taste, who choose our - he smiles modestly - well crafted comically imprinted sportswear over many of our competitors'. I am thankful and am merely making a comparison between two distinct sets, and acknowledging my preference for one over the other.)

What to do...what to do?

AH! I'll take that nap.

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