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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I am in consumer shock.

You are no doubt aware of Dollar General Stores. They are the yellow-signed stores that have been around forever, normally found in the older strip mall in town. You know, the one where your wife doesn't go to the salon. It's the store that you go to when you say "I don't want to go all the way to town to pick up a (insert missing consumer item here). I'll just pick summat up at Dollar General.". Well, kiddies, DolGenCorp is Making a Move on the retail scene. Their stores are popping up in tony little suburbs, and they have a new thing: Dollar General Market. Here is the corporate blurb:

The Dollar General Market is a convenient alternative to supercenter shopping. With everything our traditional store carries, as well as an expanded food section including fresh produce and meat, Dollar General Market fulfills many customers’ weekly shopping needs in one stop. In addition to convenience and value, the Dollar General Market is a fun place to shop with additional space for seasonal merchandise, electronics, magazines, home products and more! As of March 2, 2007, Dollar General operated 56 Dollar General Market stores.

Clearly, they need to update their website.

After our junket for Mexican last night, I wanted batteries, so I suggested that we go to the Dollar General Market. And we did.

It was big. It was clean. It was bright. The clerks were friendly and smiling. There was meat, and milk, and fresh strawberries, and Christmas stuff on clearance. (As Christmas is grimly determined to return the end of '08, The Dread Dormomoo and I availed ourselves of some shiny ornaments, and I felt good about it all.) There was even a section with actually useful home repair products like ballcocks, the tube-y, float-y contrivances that go inside your toilet tank; brand-name, too. Of course, the Blue Tarp, to patch things if a chunk of blue ice holes your roof.

They had COMPUTERS. And really nice laptops. At Dollar General. They even do service.
There were locked glass cases with hard drives, and USB hubs, and DVD writers. Oh my.

They DID have batteries, and remaindered anime DVD's, of which I scarfed up several. We sell them as a sideline at the conventions. The kids love buying $10 DVD's.

Dollar General Market is to Dollar General Store as Target is to Wal-mart. Almost.
I was surprised and amazed. I'm gonna go have a Toast'Em Pop-up for breakfast, now.

They had those, too.


MacLaren said...

I'll bet most things there didn't cost a dollar.

Sounds like a new Chinese distribution point in the US. Not that I can afford to NOT buy Chinese goods. Thanks to inflation, we're forced to play our roles in the destruction of the US economy.

Ah... how cheerful. Quick... I need to say something positive before Rigel shows up. Hmm...

I can't think of anything.

Unknown said...

The DG Market is definitely better than the old Dollar General there in Ardmore. It's cleaner, more neatly shelved, has better stock, and a friendlier staff.

It's a bit much of a drive for us to go to the one in Ardmore very often, but the small Dollar General up the road does save us a good chunk of change on our daughter's juice, canned vegetables, sodas, and the odd side item as opposed to that necessary evil known as Wally World. *shudder* And the lack of crowds on weekends and evenings is a definite plus as well.

They'll sock it to you on milk and diapers though.

Rigel Kent said...

Sir ye have insulted my honor (I think, say something positive before Rigel shows up?) Pistols at dawn! Actually I hate getting up early, how bout noon. No, I'm having lunch, hmm. Well we'll do it sometime, I'll get back to ya.

Around here the Dollar Tree has spruced up a bit. I found a mouse there, the computer kind I mean. It was only a dollar. And it worked better than one I spent almost seven dollars on at Walmart.

The Aardvark said...

*backs slowly away, waving hands*
This is between you and Vidad.

Just mop up after you're done.

MacLaren said...

Yes. Last time around I said something negative about Anime, then you (Rigel) said something totally nice to The Aardvark, making me look even more mean.

I was trying to think of something positive this time so I could be the nice guy and beat you to the punch. But I failed. And now you want a duel.

Sigh. Maybe I should go back to pen and ink and abandon the blog scene.

The Aardvark said...

Naaaaah, Vidad.

Then people would burn your stuff.

Fahrenheit 451...like that.