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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well, the Aardvark has learned the trick...take a popular pundit, and pwn him.
I got record hits Friday for my heartfelt Hannity entry. Thank you all. (Cynics take note: this was not a ploy to drive traffic to my site. I was really ticked at the fair and balanced approach the Hannitoad (and Fox in general) uses where Ron Paul is concerned.

Shifting aim a tad, your Aardvark has strong suspicions that an important personage in the Blog-o-Verse tm has significant personality issues.(I am waiting for the laughter to subside).

His online presence is less of a blog, and more of a Role-Playing Game. His stable of commentors remains surprisingly constant. A stable stable, as 'twere. A few newcomers arrive betimes, and very few are ever banned. He has pretensions...perhaps "delusions" is more apt, of being some sort of cyber-being, an intelligence uploaded to the net (Too many video games and bad SF, I'll wager). You know, like Freakazoid, but not fun. He dispenses his "wisdom" on current events, things political, religious or arcane, then sits back and watches while his collection of bloviators do their keyboarding thing, pro, con, and wildly off-topic.Sometimes he will re-enter the fray, stir the pot, then awa'.

Thing is...his commentariat, his "ilk", as they are called, remain too true to form, almost like set pieces in a play. Their roles are too defined. One is reliably conservative, another wildly libertarian, another can be depended upon to plumb the depths of scatology. Occasional "trolls" pop in to disturb the proceedings, like errant thoughts during an exam. PRECISELY like errant thoughts. This is what tipped me off.

This blogger's entire presentation seems a bit, ngaaaah, scripted. It is my belief that "Vox" is in fact the core writer, with each of the "ilk" being, not a person from across this broad land, but a shard, a splinter of his sad and injured personality. Vox Day IS his ilk. How ridiculous the names...there's even one called "Aardvark".

Waitaminute...I"M "Aardvark". Aardvark means ME.I'm certainly a discrete personality all my own. Of course I am. Just because MY blog started after "Vox Popoli" is no reason to think otherwise.

I need to go out and clear my head. Where did I put my Italian loafers...?


Rigel Kent said...

The ilk is like the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will become part of the collective.

Pretty Lady said...

I BEG YOUR PARDON. No mere cyborg has the capacity to invent moi.

The Aardvark said...

Pretty Lady, I repent in dust and ashes.

Rigel Kent said...

Ooh, somebody is in trouble!

The Aardvark said...

There is nothing to indicate that "outsiders" may not come in to the party...although if we are dealing with a true case of solipsism, well, we're all up the creek!

MacLaren said...

Ah ha - that explains why Vox won't link to my blog!

I'm not a fragment!

I've even written him with the link before. I figured... hey, he should like it! It's libertarian, sarcastic, and pro-Ron Paul.

But... maybe I'm the only real person posting?

Are YOU real, Aardvark? And prettylady - are YOU real? I've seen your blog... maybe you only THINK you're real?

Now... where are MY loafers?

The Aardvark said...

It takes Vox awhile.

Anonymous said...

Given the way Vox just landed on me for "passive-aggressive sniping," I doubt sincerely that I'm a "fragment".

The Aardvark said...

Congrats on confirming your you-ness. I must turn aside and see this strange sight.

The Aardvark said...

Mrs. Pilgrim, sometimes Vox wades in to re-establish his ordered anarchy. You happened to be the one in the sandbox at the time.

It IS frightfully easy to pile on WLW - the subject.

Talking to someone is fine. Third-person comments can easily draw fire.

See you tomorrow? Yes??