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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Play time for the Aardvark

Had a wonderful time today. For anyone who knows me at all, at all, you will be amazed that I did this. Loen and I went to Nashville to meet David Goodman.

I took the whole day, to travel to another state, to see someone I've never met.

Of course, sushi was involved.

What can I say? Musician, producer, jackleg economist, writer, artist, voice actor, family man, and that's the short list. He also evidently channels Peter Sellers, 'cos he has the BEST Dr. Strangelove impersonation I've ever heard. I dunno...I'm looking for a Medici lurking about.

We spoke of the Blog-o-Verse tm , the campaigns, t-shirts, music, gold, unreasoning virulent hatred of anime (I kid, I KID!), art, radio, the Theft of Signage, movies, family, children, the Whole State of Christ's Church - perhaps I use a broad brush - and how unnecessary bad language is.

And there was sushi! Ohhhhh, such sushi there was.

We ate at Fuji in Brentwood, off exit six-niner on I-65 north. Well recommended. They have an excellent lunch menu, with a broad selection of Japanese beers, as well, tho' we dod not partake of such. The green tea was amazingly good, with a note of sesame.

Then there were cigars.

David took us to Tobacco Road, a tobacconist extraordinaire. He bought himself and me each a CAO cigar. We stood around and enjoyed those for two hours. And talked. And laughed.

I haven't been as relaxed in ages.

A good time was had by all.

I am thankful.

On a side note, I was REALLY glad that ummmmmmm, this Vidad character didn't show up. I had seriously thought (this is so SILLY) that David was really Vidad Magoodn, but I having met David, am sure it just couldn't be. So I'm REAL glad that Vidad didn't crash the party.

'Course, It would have put those nagging suspicions to rest, had he done so. (Has anyone else noticed how much he resembles a Muppet?)

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